MOL Charitable Trust Featured on Local TV Program

On Sunday, March 12, 2023, representatives of the MOL Charitable Trust (the Trust) (Note 1) appeared on the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) television program "Tipa Tipa."
"Tipa Tipa" (Note 2) is a national TV program in Mauritius which puts in the limelight genuine activities done by charitable, non-profitable organizations and independents. Appearing in this episode were members of the Trust's local steering committee and representatives of two NGOs supported by the Trust in the First Call for Proposal 2021-2022
Mr. Darmen Ellayah and Dr. Jimmy Harmon, members of the Trust's Steering Committee of enforcers, presented the Foundation’s mission and objectives and outlined its activities.
In addition, representatives from F.A.L.C.O.N Association (Note 3) and Bonheur Associé aux Enfants (Note 4), NGOs supported by the Trust, also discussed their projects.
MOL will continue to proactively disclose information about its activities through the Fund to continually build awareness of its mission and its activities.

(Note 1) Please refer to the press release dated June 21, 2021, and the post dated December 24, 2021, of this page "MOL Charitable Trust selected projects for funding," and the page of "Funding" website.

(Note 2) "Tipa Tipa" is a Creole word widely used in Mauritius of French origin, meaning "small step small step." The program is broadcast in French.
Tipa Tipa Nou Avanse - Innover pour un avenir plus durable - YouTube
Please See the bottom of the video screen for separate English subtitles.

(Note 3) F.A.L.C.O.N (Farmers in Agriculture, Livestock, Cooperative, Organic Network) Association Founded in 2004, this NGO's vision is to support farmers and farmers' organizations in production, marketing, protection, innovation and technology, and capacity building in the agricultural sector at national and international levels.

(Note 4) An NGO that works with to enable children and satisfy their basic needs based on a commitment to provide fair opportunities to all children.

Dr. Jimmy Harmon (center) and Mr. Darmen Ellayah (right), the Trust Steering Committee members, during their appearance on "Tipa Tipa."

Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation - "Tipa Tipa" of Sunday, March 12, 2023