MOL Charitable Trust NGO Starts Operation of Agricultural Training Center

On Saturday, December 31, 2022, the local NGO "RESPECT" (Note 1), funded by the MOL Charitable Trust (the Trust) (Note 2), opened an agricultural training center in Mare Tabac and started operation on the same day. RESPECT is an organization which provides trainings and supports to young farmers by providing theoretical education and hands-on training on efficient agricultural techniques. RESPECT was committed to the construction of a greenhouse, which will serve as the training hub of the project on the long term.

In addition to the greenhouse, which offers a venue for practical training, the center has a training facility for classroom education and lectures. Trainees can gain valuable expertise from RESPECT instructors at the center. Celebrating the start of operations, a documentary video showing the facility from the early stages of construction to its completion was released. The video was filmed and edited by MAURIWOOD FILM INDUSTRY ARTISTS ASSOTIATION (Note 3), a local NGO also funded by the Trust.

MOL will continue to support activities that help improve food self-sufficiency in Mauritius through the Trust.

(Note 1) This NGO supports production of organically grown greenhouse vegetables and restoration of traditional agricultural methods. It also supports development and operation of an online sales program for harvested vegetables.

(Note 2) Please refer to the press release dated June 21, 2021, and the post dated December 24, 2021, on this page "MOL Charitable Trust selected projects for funding," and the page of "Funding" website.

(Note 3) The NGO involved in the promotion of film production and related arts that aims to create passion, creative economic activity and jobs that lead to the potential of the film industry in the region.

Construction work of agricultural training center. Video Production: MAURIWOOD FILM INDUSTRY ARTISTS ASSOTIATION