MOL Charitable Trust NGO Releases Environmental Protection Awareness Videos

On Tuesday, April 25, 2023, "Mission Verte" (Note 1), a local NGO funded by the MOL Charitable Trust (the Trust) (Note 2), released two videos on environmental pollution issues in Mauritius and ways to address those issues.

"Mission Verte" is the recipient of the Trust's first grant projects, and conducts activities such as environmental awareness sessions for people of the southeastern region of the island, promotion of the "Green Ambassadors" who patrol the area to collect garbage, and plastic waste recycling in collaboration with the local NGO "Precious Plastic Mauritius" (Note 3).

The two newly released videos were intended to raise Mauritian people's awareness on the causes and consequences of environmental pollution, and to help them develop sustainable and effective solutions and habits.

MOL will continue to support community-based environmental protection activities through the Trust.

(Note 1) Mission Verte
Aims to manages waste and raises awareness of recycling in the southeast area of the island.

(Note 2) Please refer to the press release dated June 21, 2021, and the post dated December 24, 2021, on this page "MOL Charitable Trust selected projects for funding" and the page of "Funding" website.

(Note 3) Precious Plastic Mauritius
Aims to hold workshops and programs for local residents to educate them about plastic pollution, recycling, and start-up of businesses.

The first video on sustainable activities and tourism related to the ocean

The second video on discarded foodstuffs