MOL Mauritius International Fund for Natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability holds the 1st year Project Outcome Reporting Session 2023

The MOL Mauritius International Fund for Natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability in Japan (Note 1) will hold its 1st year Project Outcome Reporting Session 2023 on Wednesday, July 12, with organizations which received grant for the first year.
This is the first debriefing since the establishment of the fund in November 2021. The objective is to introduce the audience to a wide range of activities and results of the funded projects to promote environmental restoration and conservation in Mauritius and contribute to local communities.

Seven organizations will present the objectives of their projects, and the activities related to the restoration and conservation of ecosystems such as mangroves, coral reefs, and rare species, and local community development efforts. The fund hopes many audience will attend the session. A recording of the event will be posted on the fund's website later.

Date 15:00 - 17:00 (Japan time)/10:00 - 12:00 (Mauritius time)
Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Title MOL Mauritius International Fund
"1st year Project Outcome Reporting Session 2023"
Venue Online via Zoom
URL for viewing will be sent after registration is completed.
Language English or Japanese (simultaneous interpretation available)
Presenting Organizations and Project Introduction (Country where presenting organization is based)
  • 1) International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME) (Japan)
    [Conservation and restoration of Mangrove ecosystems and technical support for sustainable utilization and application, as well as human resources development]
  • 2) Shizuoka University Graduate School of Science and Technology Laboratory of Marine Ecosystems and Biogeochemistry (Japan)
    [Scientific approaches to conservation and recovery of coral reefs]
  • 3) EcoMode Society (Mauritius)
    [Protection and proactive conservation of coral reefs using AI algorithm]
  • 4) Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (Mauritius)
    [Improve habitats of rare species (birds and reptiles) and seabirds on Ile aux Aigrettes]
  • 5) F.A.L.C.O.N (Farmers in Agriculture, Livestock, Cooperative, Organic Network) Association (Mauritius)
    [Support for introduction of organic agriculture and climate smart agriculture]
  • 6) The Good Shop (Mauritius)
    [Support circular economy for sustainable local communities]
  • 7) Gender Links (Mauritius)
    [Enhance entrepreneurial capacities of fisherwomen]
Entrance fee Free
Capacity Limited to 500 persons
  • Persons interested in environmental restoration and conservation activities, community and social contribution activities
  • Persons interested in the Republic of Mauritius island
  • Potential donors

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(Note 1) Please refer to the December 1, 2021, press release, May 12, 2022, press release, the posted dated November 15, 2022, the posted dated April 3, 2023, and the Fund page on the website.