MOL Mauritius International Fund for Natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability Announces Launch of NGO-developed Mangrove Conservation Awareness App

Reef Conservation (Note 1), a local NGO subsidized by the Authorized Public Trust "MOL Mauritius International Fund for Natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability" (the Fund) (Note 2), has developed a new mangrove conservation awareness mobile app called "Mangrove Matter" (Note 3), and introduced it to the public in Mauritius.
"Mangrove Matter" was developed as part of the SOS Mangrove project, which aims to protect and restore mangrove forests, and the app allows users to register information and locate the photos about mangrove or other species such as vagrant birds, snails and crabs they have observed, and anyone can browse the registered information with the app. The data will also be used for scientific research on mangrove forests by Reef Conservation.
Prior to the launch of the app, Reef Conservation held repeated verification tests and workshops for volunteers from the general public at several locations on the island of Mauritius. The app is now in operation for the general public within Mauritius.

MOL will continue to support efforts to protect and restore mangrove forests in Mauritius through the Fund.

(Note 1) Reef Conservation
Strives to protect and restore coastal areas and the marine environment in Mauritius.

(Note2) Please refer to December 1, 2021 the press release, May 12, 2022, press release, the post dated November 15, 2022, the post dated April 3, 2023, and the Fund page on the website.

(Note 3) "Mangrove Matter" was developed with the support of AfrAsia Bank and the World Conservation Society (WCS), in addition to the Fund. As of July 20, 2023, the app can only be used within Mauritius.

Volunteer workshop held in March 2023. MOL (Mauritius) Ltd. staff also took part.

Become a citizen-scientist and follow Reef Conservation's YouTube tutorial on how to use the Mangrove Matter app!