MOL Mauritius International Fund Holds the 1st Year Project Outcome Session 2023

On Wednesday, July 12, 2023, the authorized public trust MOL Mauritius International Fund for Natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability (the "Fund") (note 1) held an online project outcome session in Japan and the Republic of Mauritius.
During the session, seven of the 11 NGOs selected for 2022 grant recipient projects reported on the results of their activities over the past year. An event room was organized in Mauritius, where local NGO groups attended in person and their presentations were broadcasted in real time to Japan, inspiring a lively exchange of opinions.
MOL Executive Officer Tatsuro Watanabe, who was attended at the event in Mauritius, expressed his gratitude for the encounters with the people of Mauritius created through the Fund's activities, and his expectations for the positive outcomes of the ongoing initiatives.
Video recordings of the 1st Year project outcome session and reports by the organizations are available on the Fund's website. Please find below the youtube link to the video.
MOL will continue to report on a broad range of environmental restoration and conservation activities and social contribution activities supported by the Fund.

(Note 1) For more information on the authorized public trust "MOL Mauritius International Fund for natural Environment Recovery and Sustainability," please refer to: December 1, 2021, press release, May 12, 2022, press release, and News dated November 15, 2022, News dated April 3, 2023, News dated June 29, 2023, News dated July 25, 2023 and the website's "Funding" page.

From the local venue in Mauritius, a short video of the presentation of outcome reports

40 people attended the session, including Mr. Shuichiro Kawaguchi, Ambassador of Japan to Mauritius, the representative of the NGOs and staffs of MOL (Mauritius) Ltd.