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Dialogue with Stakeholders


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Dialogue with Stakeholders
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The MOL Group aims to build sound relationships of trust and support through dialogue with stakeholders. It is working to increase corporate value to remain a group trusted and selected by stakeholders by meeting their needs and to grow sustainably with society.

Communication with Customers

Provision of High-Quality Services Based on Safe

Operation and Environmental Awareness We meet and respond to our customers' needs and to this new era, and enhance safety and reliability as we work to improve service quality. We determine customer needs through our daily sales and marketing activities, and regular meetings where we exchange opinions. These activities are the basis for providing safe and environmentally considerate services, and we will also contribute to customers' supply chains through CSR activities.

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Communication with Shareholders and Investors

Timely, Accurate and Fair Information Disclosure, and Cultivation of Confidence in MOL's Sustainable Growth

Dialogue with shareholders and investors at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

In addition to answering shareholders' and investors' questions, we explain MOL's management sustainability to elicit understanding and support. Besides disseminating information mainly on our website, we hold the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, quarterly results presentations, briefing sessions, and facility tours for investors, and value the opportunities to engage in dialogue with shareholders and investors.

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Communication with Public Organizations

Strengthening Governance and Compliance

We comply with laws and regulations as a good corporate citizen, and understand and respect our obligations to pay taxes, with the aim of contributing to the smooth operation of national and local governments and to the promotion of the marine industry. By utilizing superior environmental efficiency of marine shipping, MOL is actively participating in the process of formulating transport policies, which contribute to substantial reduction of environmental impact and sustainable growth.

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Communication with Business Partners

Fulfilling Our Social Responsibility and Achieving

Holding a briefing session with shipyard's staff in the bridge of a vessel

Sustainable Growth Together with Fair Trade Through fair trade with business partners, we establish relationships of trust as a sound partner providing high-quality services to customers. In 2012, we formulated the MOL Group Basic Procurement Policy, with the aim of contributing towards the realization of sustainable societies together with our business partners, while gaining their understanding.

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Communication with Communities, NPOs and NGOs

Contributing to International and Local Communities

Welcoming visit of Zambian NPO which MOL has supported through providing free ocean transport

As a group developing business globally, engaging in dialogue with communities, responding to their needs is important. In addition to our activities as the MOL Group, contributing to society in association with NPOs and NGOs is crucial for developing sustainably together with society. As the MOL Group, we are actively implementing social contribution activities where we can utilize our global network.

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