What's new


What's new
Jul 17, 2019 MOL LNG Carrier Rescues Castaway - 1 Survivor Saved from Wrecked Yacht off Philippines -
Jul 12, 2019 MOL Sets Conditions for Issue of 'Sustainability' Bonds
Jul 12, 2019 Cruise Ship Nippon Maru Slated for Renovation - Marking 30th Anniversary of Its Launching with More Comfortable Cruises -
Jul 11, 2019 Auto Berthing and Un-Berthing Demonstration Test Conducted
Jul 04, 2019 Updated "Market Data"
Jul 02, 2019 Newbuilding LNG Carrier for JERA Named Sohshu Maru
Jul 01, 2019 Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd. which MOL holds joint share has issued a press release on "HMM to join THE ALLIANCE"
Jul 01, 2019 MOL to Launch "One MOL Safety Campaign" for 2019 - Forging Ahead to Become a World Leader in Safe Operation -
Jun 28, 2019 MOL to Issue Sustainability Bonds - Issue to Includes Japan's 1st Sustainability Bonds Aimed at Individual Investors, 'MOL Blue Ocean Sustainability Bonds' -
Jun 25, 2019 The Company held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the FY2018
Jun 25, 2019 [Ryohei Yanagihara Museum] New Pictures for July
Jun 24, 2019 MOL signs deal on a long-term charter contract to utilize "MOL FSRU Challenger" for Hong Kong Offshore LNG Terminal Project
Jun 20, 2019 MOL and GAIL Sign Charter Contract for one LNG Carrier
Jun 19, 2019 MOL and Japanese shipyards design Next Generation Coal carrier 'EeneX' - Contributing to Clean Energy Transport -
Jun 19, 2019 "MOL Safety Conference 2019" at 5 sites worldwide - Targeting "World leadership in safe operation"

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