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Safe, Stable, and Environmentally Friendly Car Carrier Services

The first ship of the next-generation car carrier FLEXIE series, BELUGA ACE

Worldwide cargo traffic has continued to grow along with the progress of economic globalization, including the growth of emerging countries and the shift of manufacturing plants to overseas locations. MOL transports a broad range of products with a service network that covers the globe.
In our car carrier operations, we offer services that precisely meet the diversified transport needs and distribution patterns of today's automobile manufacturers. MOL, as a pioneer with a half century of success, provides comprehensive, top-quality, local market-oriented services such as land transport, coastal shipping, and terminal operation.

Always a Pioneer in Automobile Transport

In 1965, MOL launched the first car carrier to meet the needs of Japan's burgeoning automobile export trade. Since then, as a pioneer in automobile transport, we have offered continual improvements in the safety and reliability of our car carrier service with the group fleet of 120 vessels, in step with the market's globalization.
The capacity of the first PCCs was a bout 1,200 automobiles. Today's pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs) accommodate all types of vehicles, from passenger cars to construction machinery. PCTCs can transport 6,800 standard passenger cars at once. In addition, MOL takes a proactive stance in reducing the environmental impact of its vessels, adopting designs that limit the effects of wind resistance and introducing solar power generation systems.
MOL-operated car carriers are known by their flagship name "ACE," which instantly identifies these ships as MOL carriers and links them to our pro ud history of technological innovation and environmental friendliness. The unified b rand MOL Auto Carrier Express (MOL ACE) now sets the stage to build on this trad ition as we strive to expand in global markets under this brand.

MOLACE (MOL Auto Carrier Express)


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