Fundamental Policy on Corporate Governance

MOL Group Three Basic Principles of Corporate Governance

We established the "MOL Group Three Basic Principles of Corporate Governance". The basic principles indicate the MOL group's stance on corporate governance and matters that it considers universally important as a guideline for its actions, for all stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, employees, and customers.

Article 1 (Framework and Operation)
Based on the MOL Group Corporate Mission, the MOL Group Vision, and the MOL Group Values, Code of conducts (MOL CHARTS), we, the MOL Group, grow globally by enhancing corporate governance and leveraging the collective strengths of the MOL Group.

Article 2 (System)
We, the MOL Group, have established a highly effective corporate governance system befitting a strong and resilient corporate group that is growing globally to increase corporate value over the medium and long term.

Article 3 (Dialogue)
We, the MOL Group, provide new value through highly transparent dialogue with all of our stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, employees and customers.

MOL Group Corporate Governance Policy

We established the "MOL Group Corporate Governance Policy", which systematized policies for specific initiatives based on the spirit of the Basic Principles.

MOL Group Corporate Governance Policy[378KB]