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Envision the Future of an MOL Group that Can Grow Sustainably, Evolve to Create Value, and Become a Truly Resilient, Flexible Organization - Junichiro Ikeda President & CEO Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd

Anticipate changes, and become "a resilient, flexible corporate group that always accompany with customers"

The MOL Group established its new management plan, "Rolling Plan 2017" in April 2017. The "Rolling Plan" reflects our commitment to further growth even under a significantly changing business climate, and sets out a vision for the MOL Group 10 years from now and the mid- and long-term management direction as shown below, with yearly reviews of the plan. This is based on the MOL Group Corporate Principles: We will actively contribute to global economic growth and development, anticipating the needs of our customers and the challenges of this new era as a multi-modal transport group.

Vision for the MOL Group 10 years from now

  • The MOL Group will provide stress-free services that are truly convenient for customers worldwide, with the aim of serving customers as a solid and reliable partner at all times.
  • The group will develop the environment and emission-free businesses into one of its future core operations.
  • The group will strategically allocate resources to carefully selected businesses that have a clear competitive edge. The goal is to make the MOL Group a collection of businesses boasting the highest competitiveness in their respective fields.

We set three strategies for realizing our vision in the new management plan. First is "Carefully select opportunities for new investments and pursue business models focused on cash flow." Second is "Prioritize resources to develop and defend business fields." And as the third strategy, we set marine technical skills, ICT, technology development, environment, and workstyle reforms as "Group-wide priorities for strengthening the MOL Group."

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Remember that ocean shipping is a key element of the economic infrastructure, connecting the world, and contribute to achievement of SDGs through our businesses

As the world economy grows and becomes borderless, intricately connected global risks continue to grow, among them climate change, depletion of various resources, human rights issues, income disparity and poverty, and political uncertainty.

Naturally, the 17 targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for sustainable development toward 2030, adopted at the United Nations in September 2015, must be addressed on a global scale. It is critical to address these issues in cooperation with international society to realize a sustainable future. If corporations are to proactively contribute to solutions, cooperation with stakeholders and new innovations are indispensable.

In addition, corporate initiatives on the environmental and social aspects now have a strong and growing impact on corporate management and corporate value. The MOL Group, whose core business is international ocean shipping, recognizes the value of managing its operations with a thorough understanding of how its activities affect society.

Therefore, we identified core issues in line with the new management plan "Rolling Plan 2017" and set new mid-term CSR targets and action plans based on the SDGs that are most closely related to our group activities. Our CSR targets are based on an awareness that international ocean shipping is a key part of the economic infrastructure that connects the world, and safe, reliable services contribute to the achievement of SDGs such as eradication of poverty, technological innovation, supply of sustainable energy, and conservation of the marine environment.

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Safe Operation

The MOL Group's ultimate social mission: Offer safe and reliable services

The ocean shipping business faces myriad risks, and a moment of carelessness may lead to a serious incident, so our group aims to realize the "Four Zeroes" (zero serious marine incidents, zero oil pollution, zero fatal accidents, and zero serious cargo damage).

In November 2016, we launched the "ISHIN NEXT - MOL SMART SHIP PROJECT -." In this project, we will conduct a comprehensive study of customer needs and underlying seed technologies by sharing our technology development policy with stakeholders including customers. We will also promote technology development that proactively adopts ICT (IoT/Big Data), which is expected to drive innovation, and we will work as one team, on land and at sea, to become the world leader in safe operation, while realizing optimal operation to provide added value to customers.

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Realize environmental management priorities - Environment and emission-free business -

At COP21, held in Paris in December 2015, the long-term goal of limiting the increase in the worldwide average temperature to 2℃ in the second half of this century was adopted. In November 2016, the Paris Agreement was issued, starting the creation of detailed rules. And in October 2016, the IMO adopted a regulation to limit the sulfur content of vessel fuel oil to 0.5% in general sea areas starting in 2020.

Ocean shipping is considered a superior means of transporting mass volumes of cargo, compared to other modes, from the viewpoints of energy efficiency and prevention of air pollution. On the other hand, the shipping industry exhausts a large volume of CO2 emissions, placing a significant burden on the environment while transporting cargo. In consideration of an increase in cargo trade in line with worldwide economic growth in the future, it is indispensable to step up our efforts to reduce this burden. We see initiatives on the environment as business opportunities and ways to gain a competitive advantage.

Against that backdrop, MOL introduced the "Environment Vision 2030" in April 2017. We will grasp the environmental concerns of our stakeholders and work to provide solutions, while growing our environment and emission-free activities as the core business of the next generation.

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Create a deeply embedded culture of 'do the right thing'

We view compliance as the top priority of all management issues and the very foundation of sustainable corporate growth. We sincerely accept the fact that we committed a violation of the Antitrust Act in 2014, and since then have continued thorough initiatives to prevent similar cases from occurring in the future. Personally, I am committed to honest conduct: "Do the right thing" with tenacious determination and continue to insist on that until it takes root as the MOL Group's corporate culture.

We also have an ongoing commitment to sustainable growth and maximizing mid- and long-term group's corporate value, based on the MOL Group Corporate Principles, long-term vision, and new management plan.

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Human Resources Development

The MOL Group's qualities all come down to human qualities

People are the driving force behind our group's growth and the source of value creation and added value, since people establish long-term trusting relationships with society and customers. We strive to become the first company that comes to mind when customers think of a logistics partner, and create a presence that gives customers peace of mind if they leave everything to MOL. To achieve that, all MOL employees must fully understand the issues facing society and our customers, and have the foresight to predict new issues and thing ahead to provide solutions.

Therefore, I think, we need to provide "stress-free services that are truly convenient for customers," "innovation" as well as "challenge," which is one of the group's shared values expressed as "MOL CHART."

We have taken various measures including efforts to promote diversity and work-life balance, but we will further foster a new corporate culture through "workstyle reforms," which allow every employee to work more energetically, think more freely, unbound from traditional models, and be ready for any new challenge. In addition, we aim to increase our competitiveness and realize ongoing innovation, by carrying forward development of personnel who can play an active role in global market by "commitment to acting with a sense of ownership."

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Contribute to worldwide economic growth as a multimodal transport group

The MOL Group, whose core business is ocean shipping, has supported the prosperity of people all over the world and contributed to the growth of local industries by transporting cargoes that are indispensable to everyday life.

Our safe, reliable transport service is an important lifeline for the global and to communities all over the world. As the world's population increases and emerging nations' economies expand in the future, the role of ocean shipping will become even more critical in the future, and as the main artery of the world economy, its social responsibilities will become greater than ever. As a multimodal transport group, the MOL Group pledges to actively contribute to global economic growth and development, anticipating the needs of our customers as stated in the MOL Group Corporate Principles. We think that embodying this principle is the group's social responsibility and our reason for being.

We will continue to focus primarily on this principle as we manage our business, create new values, and sustainably grow with society by leading the world ocean shipping under the recognition that corporate activity itself is a corporate social responsibility.

July 2017
Junichiro Ikeda
President & CEO
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd

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