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Identifying Key Issues


Safe Operation
Human Resources Development
Social Contribution Activities
Dialogue with Stakeholders
External Recognition
Safety, Environmental and Social Report

Identifying Key Issues Based on SDGs(*), which Are Closely Related to MOL Group Activities

MOL set CSR and environmental targets after identifying three items to be addressed -"safe operation," "the environment," and "human resources development." After designating those issues and setting targets, we selected the items based on what we could contribute through our businesses, from SDGs adopted by the United Nations, in addition to international CSR-related guidelines, opinions of internal and external stakeholders, and customers' responses to a questionnaire survey. The CSR Committee held final deliberations and acquired the approval of top management.

The MOL Group continually promotes business activities that reflect our awareness of 17 SDGs and 169 targets.


(*) SDGs: Adopted at the United Nations summit in September 2015, requiring corporations = to contribute to SDGs through their core businesses. Toward 2030, it identifi es global-scale priority issues to be addressed for sustainable development, and mobilizes global-scale initiatives around a series of common goals and targets. SDGs urge governments, corporations, and societies to work on a global scale to keep from going beyond the Earth's limitations, to end poverty, and allow every person to live in dignity with fair access to opportunity.

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