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MOL Group Basic Procurement Policy


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To fulfill our responsibility as a corporate group that plays a part in our customers' supply chains, we introduced the "MOL Group Basic Procurement Policy." That outlines our stance on CSR activities related to MOL Group's procurement systems. We strive to contribute to the realization of sustainable societies together by complying with laws and regulations covering supply chains, as well as social norms, protecting the environment, doing our utmost to ensure safety, promoting fair trade, and building trust, while instilling this policy throughout the MOL Group and gaining the understanding and cooperation of our business partners.

MOL Group Basic Procurement Policy

The MOL Group procures goods and/or services in accordance with the following basic policy:

  • We comply with applicable laws, regulations and social norms, and pay due consideration to the protection of the environment.
  • We procure goods and/or services, including the delivery or execution of such goods and/or services, that meet high safety standards.
  • We conduct fair trade, and endeavor to establish trusting relationships with contractors.

We work to make sure that our contractors understand our Basic Procurement Policy, with the aim of contributing towards the realization of sustainable societies together.

Vessel procurement is one of the most important, fundamental aspects of the MOL Group's business activities. When building ships, MOL asks shipbuilding contractors to incorporate specifications compliant with the MOL Safety Standard Specifications, which prescribe the company's safety and environmental quality standards. In addition, MOL endeavors to enhance quality by dispatching ship construction superintendents from MOL Group companies to supervise the shipbuilding process, and also collaborates with shipbuilders to develop and introduce eco-friendly ships. With the aim of contributing towards the realization of sustainable societies together, while gaining their understanding of the MOL Group Basic Procurement Policy.

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