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The MOL Group Rules of Conduct clearly state: "Protect confidential information and respect intellectual property rights," and the MOL Group Electronic Information Security Rules are aimed at putting this into practice. The rules set standards for managing electronic information handled by the group, protecting various types of confidential information, and so on, reinforcing security to prevent leaks of corporate information and unauthorized access from inside and outside the company. Furthermore, we formed a computer security incident response team (MOL-CSIRT) as an internal professional organization to reinforce our emergency response capabilities, and joined the Japan CSIRT Association in February 2017. In addition, we regularly offer E-learning sessions to increase awareness of information security among group executives and employees, and conduct a training program for new employees.

(*) Japan CSIRT Association: CSIRT is the collective term for organizations that respond to incidents related to computer security. The association not only acts on its own as an independent CSIRT, but also promotes opportunities for mutual cooperation. It was established to provide a place to solve common problems while aiming to realize closer high-level cooperation system than ever before.

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