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MOL Environment Digest 2018

From fiscal year 2018, we have issued "MOL Environment Digest 2018" which highlights our environmental work and the world's environmental regulations.

Further enhancing initiatives to reduce environmental impact as an Environmentally Advanced Company

MOL's Approaches

The Paris Agreement was established, United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted, and the International Maritime Organization reinforced various environmental regulations in recent years. Concern continues to grow regarding ways to protect the global environment, including measures to prevent global warming. The MOL Group established the "MOL Group Environmental Vision 2030" in April 2017 to clarify its stance on addressing global environmental conservation as an advanced environmental corporation.

Environmental Policy Statement
Encapsulates the MOL Group's approach to environmental management.

Environmental Vision 2030
The MOL Group is taking innovative steps towards environmental issues.

Promoting Environmental and Emission Free Businesses
MOL Group develop and promote it to be a core business for next generation.

Ocean Shipping's Impact on the Environment
Ocean shipping is rather an environment-friendly mode, with lower emissions per ton-mile of CO2 and other air pollutants.

Organizational Structure
Original management system to effectively promote environmental initiatives.

Addressing Environmental Issues with Advanced Technologies

Viewing environmental regulations as a business opportunity and a strategy for differentiation, MOL proactively develops and adopts advanced technologies that reduce the environmental impact of our business and set the stage for real solutions to global environmental issues.

It is not really possible for a single nation to regulate merchant vessels, because they move all over the world, so international initiatives are indispensable. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in the Kyoto Protocol directs the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to study measures to control greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in international ocean shipping. Currently, IMO studies, adopts, and issues various international conventions and regulations.
MOL continues its company-wide efforts to ensure compliance with a wide variety of environmental regulations.

Environmental Regulation introduced to Shipping industry

Prevention of Global Warming
Measures to Reduce CO2

Prevention of Air Pollution
Measures to Reduce NOx, SOx and Soot/Smoke etc

Conservation of Ocean Environment
For protecting environment of marine, which is not only a repository of marine life, but our business field.

Conservation of Biodiversity
Initiatives to protect biodiversity.

"Senpaku ISHIN" project, Next Generation vessels to contribute to protect the Environement

Aiming for Leadership in Environmental Protection
We visited Fujifilm Corporation, which consistently expands its range of businesses and grows by developing innovative technologies, to take part in a dialogue on the theme of "innovation."

Group Companies' Initiatives
Environmental Activities of the Group Companies

Environmental Activities Results (FY2017)
Environmental Activities Targets for FY2017 in the Midterm Management Plan

Environmental Data
Environmental data of MOL Group such as CO2 emissions, Electricity and Environmental Accounting etc

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