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Diversity, Work -life Balance, Development of Work Environment


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Striving to develop an environment where multinational, diversified personnel can maximize their personal development.

Promotion of Diversity

The MOL Group, which develops businesses globally, has about 20,000 employees and crewmembers of various nationalities. We have worked to develop an environment that will increase our group-wide comprehensive strength and allow multi-national, diversified personnel including women to play more active roles.

Employment by Region Group employees
Employment by Region
Group employees

Employment by Region Crewmembers
Employment by Region

Establishment of Diversity and Healthcare Management Office

MOL has established the "Diversity Management Unit" and "Healthcare Management Unit." However, we formulated a new unit organization in April 2017 to implement "diversity management" and "healthcare management," which are key issues in our management strategy, by enhancing the responsiveness of the organization. We will promote the company’s long-term, continuous growth by supporting the creation of a work environment and healthcare management system that allow group employees from various different backgrounds to play active roles.

Continued Employment System

MOL has a reemployment system for workers who have reached mandatory retirement age, and re-hires retirees who desire to work.

Creating Opportunities for Disabled Workers

Disabled employees accounted for 2.0% of the MOL workforce as of April 2016. We continue our efforts to promote the hiring of disabled workers by cultivating job fields where they can make the most of their abilities and cooperating closely with social welfare organizations.

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Promoting Women's Initiatives

To encourage women to play more active roles in the company, we have worked not only to fulfill systems centering on childcare support, but also to expand support for female personnel in pursuing their career paths and increasing motivation. We have been promoting more active roles for women in the MOL Group, in line with our action plan, which is based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

Madre Bonita(*) session
Madre Bonita(*) session

Dialogue among career-track women at Shosen Koun Co., Ltd.
Dialogue among career-track women at Shosen Koun Co., Ltd.

(*) Madre Bonita: A non-profit organization that engages in study, development, and dissemination of healthcare programs specialized for before and after childbirth.

Taeko MizayakiVoice of an Employee
I have resided in Hong Kong for six years. My husband took a new job in Hong Kong along with my job transfer. But after the birth of my daughter two years ago, he resigned from his job and became a househusband. In Hong Kong, many families hire a housekeeper to handle childcare, but my husband willingly agreed to care for the children by himself. I may look like a selfish wife who has her husband do everything, but we will build our own lifestyle by thoroughly discussing issues together and coming to a common understanding.

Taeko Mizayaki
Assistant Vice President, Trans-Pacific Trade Management

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Promotion of Work-life Management and Development of Workplace Environment

In consideration of changes in life stages and lifestyles of employees and crewmembers, and for them to work energetically, MOL enhances career support, realizes flexible workstyles, and promotes approaches to work that are effective and emphasize the proper perspective while striking an overall balance. To work in excellent health, both mentally and physically, we strive toward the development of a workplace environment that helps employees manage their health and work in comfort, as well as comply with laws, regulations, and treaties, and seek to accelerate communication.

倉橋 香衣
Kae Kurahashi
Diversity and Healthcare Management Ofiice Human Resources Division

First in MOL: 'Recruitment of an Athlete'
MOL recruited its first athlete in 2016, hiring a wheelchair rugby player, Kae Kurahashi. She balances both office work and athletic activities-working at the Human Resources Development Division two days a week (including telecommuting for a day), and practicing three days a week.

As One MOL, MOL Group executives and employees eagerly support Kurahashi, who participates in tournaments in Japan and overseas and always delivers outstanding performance. In addition, in 2017 MOL signed an official sponsorship agreement with BLITZ, Kurahashi's wheelchair rugby team.

MOL is promoting the expansion of wheelchair rugby through its official sponsorship of BLITZ, and fosters an environment that encourages its diverse employees to play active roles inside and outside the company.

About Wheelchair Rugby
Wheelchair rugby was designed in Canada in 1977, and is a team sport for athletes who have disabilities requiring them to use wheelchairs. This is the only sport in the Paralympic Games that permits contact between wheelchairs. This sport combines elements of rugby, basketball, volleyball, and ice hockey and is played indoors on a regulation sized basketball court. Players are allotted from 0.5 to 3.5 points depending on their level of disability. Under this system, the total points of four players on the court must be within 8.0 points. The wheelchairs used in the game are reinforced to make them durable enough to withstand extreme contact, and modified for players in differet positions.

Voice of an Employee
In August, I took a short two-week childcare leave to look after a baby born in February. Even though it was a short time, I was able to spend time with my wife, caring for the baby during the daytime. It was a great experience since my job does not allow me to be involved in raising my children every day. It is still rare for men to take childcare leave, but it is a great opportunity for men who want the chance to be more involved in raising their families. It helps build closer ties with the children, too.

Nobuhiro Nishii
Dry Bulker Supervising Office
Assistant Manager (1st Officer)

Improving the Working Environment for Land-based Employees

  • Introduce personnel responsible for promotion of health management
  • Hold periodic health advisory desks at major workplaces in Japan
  • Introduce on-line mental health self-assessment tools
  • Implement "no overtime" days and days for all employees to leave the office on time
  • Provide a range of consultation services at the Consultation Office in the Personnel Division
  • Implement casual days

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