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Human Resources Development


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Human Resources Development
Social Contribution Activities
Dialogue with Stakeholders
External Recognition
Safety, Environmental and Social Report

Maximizing the Potential of Human Resources: the Driving Force behind Growth and Value Creation

MOL's Approaches

Aiming at development of global human resources - personnel who channel the group's common sense of values, MOL CHART, to our corporate culture, recognize our social responsibility, and can create shared value with society

Group's Common Sense of Values, MOL CHART
"MOL CHART" expresses the core values embraced by all MOL Group employees.

Global Human Resources Development
An introduction to MOL's Global Human Resources Development.

Diversity, Work -life Balance, Development of Work Environment
Striving to develop an environment where multinational, diversified personnel can maximize their personal development.

"Workstyle Reforms" Roundtable Discussion
To think about MOL Group's Workstyle reforms, the president & CEO chairing Work Efficiency Committee and employees dialogued.

Human Resources Data
An introduction to MOL's Human Resourses Data.

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