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MOL CHART is aimed at shaping the MOL Group into an excellent and resilient organization that leads the world shipping industry, while strengthening and concentrating its comprehensive group-wide efforts. We encourage MOL Group employees to keep MOL CHART values foremost in mind as they execute business operations. We use MOL CHART to ensure compliance, build a more thorough awareness of safe operation, and nurture independent-spirited personnel who are committed to acting with a sense of ownership, by instilling employees at Group companies and seafarers aboard vessels with the values outlined in MOL CHART.


A Message from the Human Resources Division GM

Our group, which develops businesses on a global scale, has always proactively recruited diverse, multinational personnel. Today when the business environment is showing significant changes, we think that creating a working environment that brings together people who have not only external differences such as nationality and gender, but also with different perspectives and philosophies, enables each of them to flower into their potential and to work with vigor and enthusiasm. That in turn creates a stronger corporation. We need to align on the same vector and share the direction the company will take and what it will emphasize. That is the reasoning behind MOL CHART, which we introduced lastyear. We look forward to it taking root in our group's corporate culture, fully understood and appreciated by employees, and guiding them in their day-to-day business activities.

Miwako Ando
General Manager of Human Resources Development Division


About 10 years ago, I received an inquiry about exporting plants with soil to China. I thought it would be difficult due to the possibility of insect infestation.
I asked the plant quarantine station, and they said there had never been a case of plants being exported through the Port of Moji. Although we had reached a deadlock, I did not give up, and asked them to check into records from other ports around Japan. A few days later, I received the answer, "There was a case in Okinawa. If you pass the necessary inspections on the Chinese side, the export can be approved."

Every day I continued to repeat the disinfection process under strict conditions set by the Chinese side that never allow even a single insect. Finally, we satisfied the criteria and passed quarantine without any trouble.

Today, the Port of Moji is synonymous with exports of plants and we are proud to hold the top share among agencies there. I will hand down the excitement of this pioneering experience while securing the assistance of the Port and Harbor Authority and our business partners, and share the best part of overcoming the most challenging hurdles with our younger members.

Export operations

Plant quarantine

Yoshiki Sakamoto
Green Shipping, Ltd.

Practice of MOL CHART

MOL CHART worksho

In April 2015, MOL introduced MOL CHART as the group's common sense of values, as the group businesses become multinational and diversified. MOL CHART is aimed at achieving the company's long-term vision and enhancing its corporate value, while strengthening and concentrating its comprehensive group-wide efforts, by encouraging MOL Group employees to keep this common sense of values foremost in mind as they execute business operations. It has taken hold as a key element of MOL Group culture. In 2016, the second year since the introduction, we wanted to encourage every employee to more effectively use MOL CHART in each business operation, so we produced a video of best practices selected among episodes contributed from all over the world, and shared it throughout the group.

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