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Environment Dec 21, 2009
MOL Develops CO2-Reducing Fuel Oil Additive - Verifies Effectiveness in Boosting Fuel Efficiency -
Safety Dec 16, 2009
MOL Establishes Ship Management Company in Philippines
Environment Dec 2, 2009
MOL Completes Concept for Series of New -Generation Vessels -Second Announcement: ISHIN-II Ferry-
Management Oct 22, 2009
Environmental and Social Report 2009 Issued
Society Oct 6, 2009
MOL Steps up to Help Typhoon Victims in Luzon
Society Oct 2, 2009
MOL Cooperates in Ocean Transport of Mobile Library Vehicles to South Africa
Safety Sep 30, 2009
MOL Starts Safety Campaign
Safety Sep 28, 2009
MOL, Weathernews Introduce Japan's 1st Real -Time Display System to Monitor Ship Operation -Symbolizing Commitment to Safe Operation-
Environment Sep 10, 2009
MOL Completes Concept for Series of New-Generation Vessels - First Announcement: ISHIN-I Car Carrier -
Safety Jul 31, 2009
MOL Holds Table Top Drill to Test Response to Car Carrier Fire, Grounding Incidents
Safety Jul 22, 2009
MOL Holds Joint Public-Private Anti-piracy Drill with LNG Carrier LNG Vesta
Environment May 20, 2009
MOL Technology Research Center to Move - Breaks Ground on New Environment-Friendly Facility to Open in 2010
Safety Apr 2, 2009
MOL Safe Operation Campaign Under Way
Society Mar 31, 2009
MOL Holds "MOL Kids Cruise," Inviting Children aboard the Nippon Maru
Safety Feb 26, 2009
MOL Safety Conference 2009 Held

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