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Society Dec 3, 2010
MOL Once Again Helps Out with Ocean Transport of Mobile Library Vehicles to South Africa
Environment Nov 8, 2010
MOL Adopts Low-friction Ship Bottom Paint on a New PCTC for the First Time
Society Nov 2, 2010
MOL Cooperates on Ocean Transport of Medical and Health Supplies to Thailand and Cambodia
Safety Oct 25, 2010
MOL Table Top Drill Tests Response to Ferry Collision, Flooding, Oil Spill, Fire, Missing Passengers
Environment Oct 13, 2010
MOL Achieves Continuous Operation of Main Engine in All Load Ranges -Verifying with MOL-operated Vessel-
Society Oct 5, 2010
MOL Pitches in to Provide Ocean Transport of Children's Clothing Donations for Tanzania
Management Sep 21, 2010
MOL Issues Environmental and Social Report 2010
Management Sep 17, 2010
MOL Again Earns Listing on Major Socially Responsible Investing Indices
Safety Sep 1, 2010
MOL Starts Safety Campaign
Society Aug 31, 2010
Emergency Relief for Flood Victims in Pakistan
Society Aug 19, 2010
MOL Steps up to Transport Shoes for African Children
Environment Aug 19, 2010
Two MOL Vessels Enrolled in Environmentally-Friendly Fuel Program
Society Jul 13, 2010
MOL Transports 4 containers of Aid Supplies for Chile Quake Relief
Management Jun 22, 2010
Updated President's Message
Society Apr 23, 2010
Emergency Relief for Earthquake Victims in China's Qinghai Province
Environment Apr 8, 2010
MOL Completes Concept for Series of New-Generation Vessels -Third in the Series: ISHIN-III Large-Scale Iron Ore Carrier-
Environment Apr 6, 2010
New MOL Technology Research Center Starts Operation
Safety Apr 2, 2010
MOL Starts Safety Campaign
Environment Mar 23, 2010
MOL Develops Marine Use Diesel Particulate Filter
Society Mar 10, 2010
Aid for Quake Victims in Haiti
Society Mar 10, 2010
MOL Comes through with Aid to Earthquake-stricken Chile
Society Feb 23, 2010
Two MOL-owned Woodchip Carriers Rescue Shipwrecked Students
Safety Feb 19, 2010
MOL Table Top Drill Tests Response to Training Ship Collision, Fire, Oil Spill
Safety Feb 12, 2010
MOL Holds 2010 Safety Conference in Mumbai, Manila
Management Feb 2, 2010
MOL to Receive TSE 'Disclosure Award'
Environment Jan 20, 2010
MOL Joint CO2 Reduction Project Selected as MLIT's Industry Support Program - MOL Focuses on High-Performance, Fuel-Saving Antifouling Ship Bottom Paint -
Environment Jan 14, 2010
MOL Joint CO2 Reduction Project Selected as Industry Support Program sponsored by MLIT -MOL R&D Focuses on Hybrid Car Carrier Aiming at Zero Emissions While in Berth-
Society Jan 5, 2010
LNG Carrier Receives Letter of Appreciation for Rescue

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