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Management Dec 12, 2012
MOL Acquires Top Rating for SMBC Environmental Assessment Loan
Management Nov 30, 2012
MOL Update CSR/Environment Website
Society Nov 20, 2012
Opening Ceremony Held for Daycare Center in the Philippines Backed by MOL Donations - From 2011 donations to the International NGO Habitat for Humanity Philippines -
Society Nov 20, 2012
MOL Presents Long Service Awards to Filipino Seafarers, Hosts Gathering for Families
Management Nov 13, 2012
MOL Earns Competence Management System(CMS) Certification from DNV for LNG Carrier Operations - DNV Recognizes Effectiveness of MOL's Independent Seafarer Education and Training Management Program -
Environment Nov 12, 2012
Development of Lubrication Oil Additive "Lub-Up HS" - Achieving Excellent Lubricity with Small Doses in Fuel Oil at High-Temperatures -
Environment Nov 05, 2012
MOL Group Table Top Drill Responds to Scenario of Steel Product Carrier Collision off Mie Prefecture
Management Oct 30, 2012
MOL Recognized by CDP for Climate Change Disclosure in Carbon Disclosure Project 2012 Japan 500
Environment Oct 01, 2012
MOL to Launch Vessel Safety Campaign - Forging ahead to become the world leader in safe operation -
Management Sep 27, 2012
MOL Again Earns Listing on SRI Indices : FTSE4Good Global Index Series and Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes
Management Sep 18, 2012
MOL Issues Environmental and Social Report 2012
Society Jul 27, 2012
MLIT Honors MOL for Support of Quake Relief Efforts - Commends visit by cruise ship Fuji Maru to stricken areas -
Environment Jun 29, 2012
World's First Hybrid Car Carrier Emerald Ace Completed
Management Jun 21, 2012
MOL's Partner Maritime Colleges Receive MLIT Accreditation - Graduates can serve aboard Japanese-flagged vessels without COC endorsement exam -
Management Apr 16, 2012
MOL Acquires Competence Management System (CMS) Certification from DNV - Recognizes Effectiveness of MOL's Independent Seafarer Education and Training Management Program -
Environment Apr 13, 2012
MOL to Start Safety Campaign
Environment Apr 11, 2012
MOL Conducts Table Top Drill Centers on Grounding, Fire Involving LNG Carrier
Environment Mar 21, 2012
MOL Upgrades Seafarer Education in the Philippines - Graduation ceremony held for 1st batch in new '3rd Year' Program -
Society Mar 12, 2012
MOL Celebrates Launching of Hybrid Car Carrier Emerald Ace - Aiming at Zero Emissions While Berthed -
Environment Mar 07, 2012
MOL Safety Conference 2012 Held - Forge ahead to Become "the World Leader in Safe Operation" -
Environment Mar 06, 2012
MOL Conducts Gas Injection Demonstration Run Utilizing a Temporarily Modified Slow Speed Diesel Engine
Management Mar 02, 2012
MOL launches New Performance Measurement Program for Containership service - "Count On MOL." -
Society Feb 14, 2012
Philippine House of Representatives Commends MOL for Support of Typhoon Relief Efforts in Mindanao
Environment Jan 19, 2012
MOL Jointly Develops Portable Liquid-level Gauge for Fuel Tanks - World's First: Reducing Workload and Improving Safety during Bunkering -
Society Jan 06, 2012
Update : Supporting Typhoon Relief Efforts in Mindanao, the Philippines - MOL Training Ship Spirit of MOL Transports Aid Supplies; Volunteer Work on Site -

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