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Ship Inspection Activities Targeting All Operated Vessels

MOL conducts periodic ship inspections, based on our unique safety standards, targeting all group-operated vessels, regardless of whether they are owned or chartered.
These inspections verify that the vessels are properly maintained and can operate safely.

With chartered vessels, we communicate closely with the shipowners and assigned ship management companies, to make sure they have a full understanding of the safety standards we require. We also cooperate with them to pursue safety measures while building mutually trusting relationships.

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Thorough Investigation by Highly Skilled Ship Inspectors

Two ship inspectors, who have a thorough knowledge of MOL's safety standards through onboard experience as a captain or chief engineer, visit ships in person and conduct a detailed investigation based on a checklist of about 500 items, such as qualifications and career experience of crewmembers, records of the hull's maintenance status, and engine inspection and maintenance records.

If they spot an unsafe condition, they make sure the vessel and concerned ship management company take appropriate corrective measures so the ship meets MOL's strict safety standards.

Their completed report, which covers the entire inspection and is illustrated with photographs, is circulated among relevant divisions including the responsible business division. Thus, the quality of the vessel is confirmed. In the case of charter vessels, the shipowner receives any corrective guidance through the business division. This consistent, professional approach ensures the safety of both owned and chartered ships.

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