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Improving the Working Environment for Ocean-going Employees


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'MOL Body FIT Exercise' Program Receives 'The Best Practice Award of Seafarers Onboard Safety, MLIT'

MOL has actively encouraged adoption of the "MOL Body FIT Exercise" program as a daily routine, with the goal of reducing the incidence of onboard injuries. The program includes calisthenics based on stretching, which develops strength in the trunk and leg muscles, while improving the mariners' sense of balance and reducing the risk of falls. It was awarded the "The Best Practice Award of Seafarers Onboard Safety 2016" from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).

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Family Day for Crewmembers

In consideration of crewmembers who are separated from their families for long periods of time, and their families who must cope with their absence, MOL worked to develop an onboard Internet environment, and took various other measures including holding Family Day events. We placed consultation service desks for crewmembers and their families in our local offices, providing detailed services reflecting regional cultures and needs.

In the Philippines, our main source nation for crewmembers, annual Family Day events are held throughout the nation. Particularly in Manila, this is a major event - an entire theme park is reserved for the enjoyment of some 4,000 participants.

The purpose of this event is to build bonds between MOL and its crewmembers and their families. Through this activity, the dedicated seafarers can head out to sea with peace of mind, knowing that their families are supported and cared for. These bonds are made even more solid as they are key factors behind MOL's safe operations.

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