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Safe Operation


Safe Operation
Human Resources Development
Social Contribution Activities
Dialogue with Stakeholders
External Recognition
Safety, Environmental and Social Report

Forging Ahead to Become 'The World Leader in Safe Operation'

MOL's Approaches

All land-based and ocean-going personnel are united in working to achieve our goals including the "Four Zeroes."

Wider Application of ICT/Smart Shipping Office
An introduction of our initiatives utilizing ICT

Safe Operation Management Structure
An introduction to MOL's Safe Operation Management Structure.

Safety Cost-focus Management
If safety cost is necessary, it should be borne. That's our policy.

Objective Safe Operation Indices
An introduction to target figures we set as a KPI for measreing safe operation.

During Ship Construction
An introduction to MOL's initiatives during ship construction.

During Cargo Transport
An introduction to MOL's initiatives during cargo transport.

Human Resources Development and Safety measure
Securing and training human resources are important for safety operation.

Cutting the Error Chain
An introduction to the way how to cut the error chain for preventing accidents.

Safety Measures Supporting the YAMAL LNG Project
An introduction to safety mearsures supporting the YAMAL LNG Project.

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