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Objective Safe Operation Indices


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MOL sets the following numerical goals including "Four Zeroes," as objective indices to measure safety.


LTIF(Lost Time Injury Frequency)LTIF*1
(Lost Time Injury Frequency)

Average Vessel Stoppage Time,and Percentage of Incidents Resulting in Stoppage
Average Vessel Stoppage Time*2,
and Percentage of Incidents Resulting in Stoppage*3

*1 Conventionally, occupational injuries and illnesses that forced seafarers to disembark vessels were counted. But starting in FY2015, the total includes cases in which seafarers did not have to disembark, but were unable to return to work, including light duty.
Reference: Overall industry average (2016): 1.63, water transportation industry: 1.51 (2016), transportation machinery and equipment manufacturing industry: 0.39 (2016) (source: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare "Outline of 2016 Survey on Industrial Accidents")

*2 Annual incident-related stoppage hours per vessel

*3 Annual number of incidents per vessel resulting in vessel stoppage

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