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Safe Operation Management Structure


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安全運航を支える組織体制The MOL Operational Safety Committee, chaired by the president, meets bimonthly to deliberate basic policies, countermeasures, and other items related to secure and completely safe operation of MOL- and MOL Group-operated vessels, and makes decisions on safety related measures.

Emergency Response System

MOL continues to strengthen its systems so that it can provide an accurate response in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Accident Response Drills

Evacuation drill on board

MOL regularly conducts accident response drills on vessels while at sea. These drills simulate various situations such as an on-board fire or water immersion, or act of piracy or terrorism, so that seafarers can respond swiftly and appropriately in an emergency. Head Office conducts serious marine incident emergency response drills twice a year with the cooperation of the Regional Coast Guard Headquarters. The drills involve MOL's President, other corporate officers, representatives of relevant departments and ship management companies, and vessels. In November 2013, we conducted an emergency response drill with the premise of a pirate attack on a car carrier in the seas off Somalia.

In May 2014, we conducted an emergency response drill with the premise of a bulk carrier running aground in the Seto Inland Sea with a fire in the engine room. Furthermore, MOL Group companies that operate ferries and cruise ships conduct emergency response drills, including evacuation guidance, on a regular basis, as they put the highest priority on ensuring customer safety in an emergency.

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