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Social Contribution Activities


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MOL's Social Contribution Policies

  • Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs*)
    As a corporation growing in step with economic expansion around the world, including emerging countries.
  • Contribution to biodiversity and protection of nature
    As a corporation that produces a large volume of CO2 emissions, whose which business activities are at sea the reservoir of living organisms.
  • Contribution to communities where the MOL Group does business
    As a good Corporate Citizen

(*) SDGs: Adopted at the United Nations summit in September 2015, requiring corporations to contribute to SDGs through their core businesses. Toward 2030, it identifies global-scale priority issues to be addressed for sustainable development, and mobilizes global-scale initiatives around a series of common goals and targets. SDGs urge governments, corporations, and societies to work on a global scale to keep from going beyond the Earth's limitations, to end poverty, and allow every person to live in dignity with fair access to opportunity.

As a corporate group that strives for sustainable growth in step with society, we take a proactive stance in social contribution activities that are unique to an ocean shipping company with a global network. The group also emphasizes activities that get employees engaged and involved.

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MOL's primary social contribution activities

Educational Activities to Convey the Significance of Japan's Maritime Industry

MOL continues to promote activities aimed at Japanese people, and especially children and young people, to build familiarity with ships, which support their daily lives and encourage them to learn more about the sea and the ocean shipping industry.

Addressing Social Issues through Added Values Generated by Transpor

MOL supports NPOs that engage with people in areas that need aid supplies and those who support them, by providing transport services using its containerships and car carriers.

Supporting Disaster-stricken Areas

MOL focuses on support to disaster-stricken areas, supporting ongoing reconstruction efforts as well as responding swiftly to emergencies.

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