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Annual Report 2005

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Annual Report 2005

All pagesPDF[3.3MB/Total 66 pages including cover pages & contents]

Financial HighlightsPDF[168KB/1page]
To Our ShareholdersPDF[68KB/2pages]
Five Issues Critical to Further Growth (MOL STEP REVIEW)PDF[232KB/12pages]
MOL at a GlancePDF[676KB/2pages]
Overview of Operations
MOL in the IndustryPDF[240KB/2pages]
MOL Global ServicesPDF[872KB/2pages]
Corporate GovernancePDF[44KB/2pages]
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)PDF[96KB/2pages]
Board of Directors, Corporate Auditors and Executive OfficersPDF[76KB/2pages]
Financial SectionPDF[492KB/26pages]
The MOL GroupPDF[32KB/2pages]
Worldwide OfficesPDF[24KB/1page]
Shareholder InformationPDF[108KB/1page]

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