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Annual Report 2017

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Annual Report 2017

All pagesPDF[3MB/Total 117 pages including cover pages & contents]



MOL’s Voyage So Far

MOL’s History: “Spirit of Challenge and Innovation”PDF[92KB/2pages]
Market Position in the IndustryPDF[104KB/2pages]
Our FleetPDF[156KB/2pages]

Charting a Course for Further Growth

Feature: MOL’s Three Compass PointsPDF[504KB/10pages]
Message from the CEOPDF[104KB/6pages]
Feature: CEO and Investor Dialogue”PDF[163KB/4pages]
Sustainability HighlightsPDF[92KB/2pages]
At a GlancePDF[114KB/4pages]
Overview of OperationsPDF[292KB/12pages]
Financial and Non-Financial HighlightsPDF[38KB/2pages]
Key IndicatorsPDF[56KB/2pages]
Message from the Officer in Charge of FinancePDF[119KB/3pages]

Management Foundation Providing MOL’s Forward ThrustPDF[509KB/18pages]

  Board of Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Executive Officers
  Dialogue between Outside Directors
  Corporate Governance
  Safe Operation
  Risk Management
  Corporate Social Responsibility

Data Section

Consolidated Financial StatementsPDF[541MB/37pages]
The MOL GroupPDF[45KB/2pages]
Worldwide OfficesPDF[44KB/1page]
Shareholder InformationPDF[50KB/1page]

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