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Outline of Management Plan (Rolling Plan)

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) formulates a management plan (Rolling Plan) yearly since fiscal 2017.

In formulating the plan, it first devises a vision for the MOL Group ten years from now, along with a long-term course for management, and then drafts long-term business strategies to realize this vision. This process is followed considering the major upheaval in the business environment surrounding MOL and the maritime transport industry. The main thrust of the plan is to reinvent the business portfolio in tandem with enhancing financial strength by strategically allocating resources to carefully selected business fields. The plan is named “Rolling Plan 201X,” according to the year, and is scheduled to be reviewed annually.

10-Year Vision

Become a Group of Business Units with No.1 Competitiveness in Respective Areas

Three Core Strategies to Realize the 10-Year Vision

  • Concentrated investment of management resources in the business fields where MOL has strengths, which will mainly be offshore businesses
  • Provision of “stress-free services,” which MOL will offer from the customer's perspective
  • Promotion of environmental strategies and development of emission-free business into a core business

Specific Areas for Development to Support the Management Strategies

  • Priority Areas for Development continued from the previous year
Marine Technical Skills Thoroughly enforce safe operations that underpin high-quality transportation and work to further improve ship management quality
ICT Develop underlying technologies for autonomous sailing and promote the FOCUS Project, which aims to utilize the huge amount of data collected from operating vessels
Technological Development Promote the construction of LNG-fueled vessels, etc.
Environmental and Emission-Free Business Promote the LNG fuel supply business as well as studies and research on alternative fuels
Establish a driving force within the Group to promote environmental management (Environmental Management Committee created on April 1, 2019 as an organization under the Executive Committee)
Workstyle Reforms Promote workplace reforms

  • Focus Areas for FY2019
Development of Groupwide Safety and Quality Management
Strategic Actions for Compliance with SOx Regulations

Medium- to Long-Term Profit Levels and Key Financial Indicators

  Projected medium-term levels FY2027 targets
Ordinary profit ¥80.0-¥100.0 billion ¥150.0-¥200.0 billion
ROE 8-12%
Gearing ratio 2.0 times or less 1.0 times

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