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[ From Uncertainty, Opportunity ] (June 2017-)

The theme and concept of the ad design express the new management plan's slogan, "From Uncertainty, Opportunity." The design also includes the concept of "One MOL." It expresses how the MOL Group orchestrates the power of employees to continuously evolve with dynamism and resilience, conveying the idea into an image heading to new horizons and beyond. Each drawn line shows the MOL Group's contributions to the growth of society, from its founding more than 130 years ago in 1884 to the present day. It also reflects the MOL Group's business, which has accumulated the trust of customers around the world.

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[ Japan version ]
(September 2015-)
Adopted traditional Japanesque design in collaboration with MOL operated vessels to show our heritage.
[ Europe/Africa version ]
Described MOL fleet and trucks carrying MOL containers in European and African countries in soft pastels.
[ Asia/Oceania version ]
Described MOL fleet in Asian and Oceanian countries in various sceneries such as ink-painted and neon-lighted.
[ North & South Americas version ]
MOL fleet from east coast of South America to west coast of North America via expanded Panama canal.

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