Press Release


Press Release


Dec 24, 2008 MOL News Highlights for 2008
Dec 12, 2008 MOL Announces 10th Unsecured Corporate Bond Issue
Dec 12, 2008 MOL Announces Revised Asia- West Mediterranean/ North-Europe Service
Dec 12, 2008 MOL Establishes Auto Logistics Company in India
Dec 11, 2008 MOL Starts Consolidation Service for Major U.S. Furniture Retailer W.S. Badcock
Nov 25, 2008 MOL Announces Changes to Asia-US East Coast Service
Nov 19, 2008 MOL to Appoint COMARSHIP as Agent in Morocco
Nov 18, 2008 Training Ship SPIRIT OF MOL Holds Anti-Piracy/Terrorism Drill
Nov 12, 2008 MOL Receives IR Prime Business Award from JIRA
Nov 04, 2008 MOL Group Reinforces Tanker Business Structure - Drive to Meet New Trade Trends -
Oct 31, 2008 MOL to Launch Independent Asia-East Coast South America Service
Oct 29, 2008 MOL Announces TSA & CTSA Resignations --Moves beyond Liner Agreements--
Oct 27, 2008 MOL announced its FY2008 2nd quarter results
Oct 16, 2008 MOL Tests LNG-fueled Shore Power System on Containership MOL Enterprise at Port of Los Angeles
Oct 01, 2008 MOL Implements Safety Campaign
Sep 10, 2008 Technologies to Prevent Global Warming (CO2 Reduction) - MOL Sees Encouraging Results in Test of Heat-Shielding Paint on Large Vessel - Benefits include energy saving and reduce maintenance costs
Sep 01, 2008 MOL Starts Consolidation Services for Major U.S. Retailer, Burlington Coat Factory
Aug 05, 2008 MOL Launches 320,000 dwt Iron Ore Carrier Tubarao Maru
Aug 05, 2008 MOL Holds Table Top Drill to Test Tanker Spill Response Readiness
Jul 25, 2008 MOL announced its FY2008 1st Quarter results
Jul 15, 2008 MOL’s Training Vessel Spirit of MOL Participates in Philippine Disaster Relief Effort
Jul 03, 2008 300,000-dwt Iron Ore Carrier Nova Era Completed
Jul 02, 2008 MOL Tests Environment-Friendly Antifouling Treatment on Ferries
Jun 25, 2008 The New World Alliance and the Grand Alliance Offer Joint Black Sea Service
Jun 18, 2008 Brasil Maru Named 'Ship of the Year' for 2007 -World's Largest Iron Ore Carrier Linking Japan and Brazil
Jun 10, 2008 MOL Names New 147,000m3-Type LNG Carrier Energy Navigator
May 30, 2008 R&I Boosts Credit Rating for MOL from A+ to AA-
May 13, 2008 MOL to Build 53 New Iron Ore Carriers
Apr 28, 2008 MOL to Present Marine Simulator to International Maritime College Oman
Apr 25, 2008 Change in the Board of Directors and Executive Officers
Apr 25, 2008 Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. Announces Revision of Dividend Payment
Apr 25, 2008 MOL announced its FY2007 results
Apr 22, 2008 MOL Announces Upgraded New Zealand-Singapore Service
Apr 15, 2008 MOL, Gulf LPG Transport of Qatar Sign Charter Deal for VLGCs
Apr 08, 2008 MOL Offers New West Mediterranean Service
Apr 02, 2008 MOL Offers Two New Direct Shuttles, Servicing Asia and the US West Coast
Apr 01, 2008 President Akimitsu Ashida's Speech on the Anniversary of MOL's Founding
Mar 12, 2008 MOL to Start 2 Loops on Asia/Mexico-South America West Coast Route
Mar 12, 2008 MOL to Start Independent LR1 Product Tanker Operation
Mar 11, 2008 MOL Launches "CM4" "CM5" "CM6" service for Asia-Middle East Services
Feb 14, 2008 Monuments for Centennial of Japanese Emigration to Brazil Leave Yokohama aboard Containership MOL Wisdom
Feb 08, 2008 MOL to Establish a New Agency for Japan-Russian Route
Feb 05, 2008 MOL Holds Safety Conference-2008
Feb 04, 2008 MOL Introduces 360-Degree Bridge Simulator at Training Center in India
Jan 31, 2008 Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. Announces Revision Dividend Forecast
Jan 31, 2008 MOL announced its FY2007 3rd Quarter results
Jan 29, 2008 MOL Steps up Efforts to Adopt New Corrosion-Resistant Steel for Greater Safety of Crude Oil Tankers
Jan 04, 2008 MOL President Akimitsu Ashida's 2008 New Year Message

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