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Press Release


Dec 26, 2016 MOL News Highlights for 2016 - 'One Target, One MOL' -
Dec 15, 2016 MOL Holds Completion Ceremony for 'MOL Global Management College, 2016' - Nurturing independent-spirited global leaders who are committed to acting with a sense of ownership by sharing the values of "MOL CHART" -
Dec 07, 2016 New LNG Vessel for Petronet LNG Delivered
Dec 06, 2016 MOL honors seafarers for "MOL Presidential Award to the Officers and Engineers 2016" - Award for Continuous Contribution for Safe Operation and Cultivating Young Seafarers -
Dec 01, 2016 MOL Appoints Chief Country Representatives in Brazil and Mexico - Aiming to Enhance Ties within MOL Group -
Nov 30, 2016 MOL Establishes New Smart Shipping Office - New organization will promote MOL SMART SHIP Project through Innovation based on the utilization of ICT such as Ship IoT and AI -
Nov 24, 2016 MOL Launches "ISHIN NEXT - MOL SMART SHIP PROJECT -" - Enhancing Business Strengths and Increasing Corporate Value -
Nov 24, 2016 MOL Moves into Offshore Vessel Support Field - Aiming to Expand Offshore Business Following FPSO, FSRU, and Shuttle Tanker -
Nov 18, 2016 MOL Cooperates in 'Sports For Tomorrow' International Contribution Program -1st Corporation to Provide Large-scale Ocean Transport for SFT Programs-
Nov 17, 2016 MOL 'Tabletop Drill' Prepares for Serious Marine Incident - Scenario has Iron Ore Carrier Colliding with Breakwater, Stranded -
Nov 16, 2016 MOL Finalizes Hull Logo Design for Next-generation Car Carriers "FLEXIE" - New Design Aimed at Strengthening Brand Power -
Nov 16, 2016 Methanol Carrier the CAJUN SUN Delivered - The Last of the Series of New Vessels Featuring Dual-fueled, Low-rev Main Engine Using Methanol and Fuel Oil -
Nov 15, 2016 Newbuilding Iron Ore Carrier for Kobe Steel Named Shinzan Maru - Environmental and Safety-conscious Next-generation Vessel Adopting Integrated Navigation System -
Nov 10, 2016 The World's First Very Large Ethane Carrier "ETHANE CRYSTAL" Delivered for Reliance Industries Limited
Nov 09, 2016 MOL Presents Long-Service Awards, Hosts Family Day for Filipino Seafarers - Appreciation for Contributions of Seafarers and Support by Their Families -
Nov 08, 2016 THE Alliance announces plans for its competitive product
Nov 07, 2016 MOL Launches New Services for Asia and Australia Network
Nov 01, 2016 LNG Carrier CESI Gladstone Delivered for SINOPEC LNG Project -1st in Series of 6 New LNG Carriers Built in China Marks a Milestone-
Oct 31, 2016 Notice of Agreement to the Integration of Container Shipping BusinessesPDF[884.3KB]
Oct 26, 2016 Philippine Coast Guard Honors MOL-operated LNG Carrier - Commended for Rescue of Shipwrecked Seafarers off Mindanao -
Oct 25, 2016 MOL Issues "MOL Safety Standard Specifications" Brochure
Oct 14, 2016 MOL to Launch Biannual Vessel Safety Campaign - Forging ahead to become the world leader in safe operation -
Oct 13, 2016 "MOL Body FIT Exercise" Program Receives "The Best Practice Award of Seafarers Onboard Safety, 2016 MLIT" - MOL's unique approach to preventing onboard work accidents with exercises to improve physical strength and balance -
Oct 07, 2016 MOL Group Ship Management Company Co-develops Onboard Labor Management Software - NK Expert Opinion Says Conforms to Regulations in Japan and Overseas -
Sep 30, 2016 MOL Enters into Agreement for Fund Procurement through Hybrid Loan
Sep 30, 2016 Methanol Carrier the Manchac Sun Delivered - New Vessel Features Dual-fueled, Low-rev Main Engine Using Methanol and Fuel Oil -
Sep 16, 2016 MOL LNG Carrier Rescues Castaways - Three survivors rescued off Mindanao in the Pacific Ocean -
Sep 09, 2016 MOL Again Earns Listing on ESG/RI Index: Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI)
Sep 06, 2016 MOL Launches New Session of 'MOL Global Management College, 2016' - Aimed at Training Executives with a Global Perspective -
Sep 01, 2016 MOL remains a valued member of FTSE4Good Global Index Series; ESG/RI Index
Aug 30, 2016 MOL Group, Yokohama National University to Launch Joint Study on Practical Use of Big Data for Ocean Shipping - Aiming to Apply AI to Improve Ocean Shipping Market Forecast -
Aug 19, 2016 MOL Receives Vessel Speed Reduction Award and Green Flag Award from both Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports - Contributing to a Cleaner Environment in both Ports -
Aug 15, 2016 MOL Announces Name Changes of Wholly Owned Subsidiaries - Aiming to Enhance Ties within Group and Improve Customer Service by Promoting 'One MOL' Concept -
Aug 12, 2016 MOL Starts Car Carrier Services for Toyota Argentina S.A. - Opening New Route Bound for West Coast South America and West Coast Central America from East Coast South America -
Jul 29, 2016 MOL Issues "Annual Report 2016" and "Safety, Environmental and Social Report 2016"
Jul 22, 2016 MOL Signs Deal on Long-Term Charter Contract for Uruguay LNG FSRU Project - The Signing Ceremony Held in Montevideo, Aiming at Early Start of Operation -
Jul 04, 2016 MOL Benefactor - First Neo Panamax Containership to Perform a Commercial Transit Through the Expanded Panama Canal
Jun 06, 2016 MOL Launches Study to Equip In-service Vessels with SOX Scrubber System - Environmental Initiatives in Advance of International Regulations -
Jun 03, 2016 MOL Bulk Carrier Rescues Castaways - Six survivors rescued off Indonesia in Indian Ocean -
Jun 03, 2016 MOL Joins Effort to Aid Quake-Stricken Areas of Ecuador - Providing Secondhand Containers to Serve as Emergency Shelters -
May 24, 2016 MOL 'Tabletop Drill' Prepares for Serious Marine Incident - Scenario has VLCC collided and oil spilled in West Seto Inland Sea -
May 24, 2016 Establishment of MOL (Korea) - Joint Venture Company with PANCON -
May 13, 2016 Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Nippon Yusen Kaisha, "K" Line, Hanjin, Hapag-Lloyd and Yang Ming to create a new partnership "THE Alliance"
May 13, 2016 MOL Hosts Receptions for Customers in Vietnam - About 350 guests are on hand in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi; MOL looks ahead to further business development -
May 10, 2016 MOL Reaches Formal Agreement toward Conclusion of a Charter Contract for Uruguay LNG FSRU Project - Signing Ceremony Held in Uruguay, Targeting Early Start of Operation -
May 10, 2016 MOL Announces Upgrade of Asia Services - New Direct Service "HSX" between Japan and India/Pakistan -
May 06, 2016 MOL Launches Coastal LNG Shuttle Transport Project in Indonesia - 1st Discharging Operation Conducted -
May 02, 2016 New LNG Carrier KUMUL Delivered to Serve PNG LNG Project - 4th LNG Carrier built in China for a non-Chinese shipping company -
Apr 21, 2016 G6 Alliance Announces Asia/North America New Product and Service Updates
Apr 19, 2016 MOL Starts LNG Carrier Ship Management in Hong Kong - Meeting Increase in LNG Transport for Asia -
Apr 18, 2016 MOL Pledges Support for People Afflicted by Kumamoto Earthquake
Apr 14, 2016 MOL to Launch Biannual Vessel Safety Campaign - Forging ahead to become the world leader in safe operation -
Apr 13, 2016 MOL Bulk Carrier Rescues Castaways - Three survivors rescued off Chuuk Lagoon in Pacific Ocean -
Apr 13, 2016 MOL Bulk Carrier Rescues Castaways - Three survivors rescued off Puluwat Atoll in Pacific Ocean -
Apr 07, 2016 Next-generation Car Carriers "FLEXIE" to Feature Energy-saving Rounded Bow - Hull Design Aims to Reduce Wind Resistance, Cut CO2 Emissions by 2% -
Apr 01, 2016 Message from the CEO on MOL Foundation Day One MOL, One Goal - Unite as 'One' to Overcome Difficult Times -
Mar 31, 2016 MOL to Implement Business Structural Reforms in Dry Bulker and Containership Businesses, Will Record Extraordinary LossPDF[32.3KB]
Mar 18, 2016 MOL Pledges Assistance in Ocean Transport of Mobile Library Vehicles to South Africa - Supporting Efforts to Bring School Libraries to More Students -
Mar 18, 2016 MOL Group Company Earns World’s 1st SIGTTO Certification of Seafarer Training for Very Large Ethane Carriers - Training High-caliber Seafarers to Ensure the Safe Transport of More Diverse Gas Cargoes -
Mar 17, 2016 'MOL Safety Conference 2016' Programs Held - Four Conferences Aim to be the World Leader in Safe Operation -
Mar 15, 2016 MOL tests onboard the new "ACE" autopilot route control function; Results show about 1.5% energy savings
Mar 14, 2016 MOL Appoints Chief Country Representatives in Move to Enhance Intra-group Synergy and Cooperation
Mar 10, 2016 Graduation Ceremony Held for 5th Class in "3rd Year Program" for Filipino Seafarers - Anticipating key roles in supporting MOL's safe operation -
Mar 09, 2016 MOL Breaks Ground on New Maritime Academy in Philippines - Opening scheduled for June 2018 -
Mar 07, 2016 MOL Invites Institutional Investors to ESG IR Meeting - Explaining Comprehensive Initiatives on Safe Operation -
Mar 03, 2016 MOL Hosts Party in Singapore - Makes presentation on future business development to 350 guests -
Feb 26, 2016 Changes of Directors and Executive OfficersPDF[63.5KB]
Feb 26, 2016 MOL to Establish New Business Units Restructure Dry Bulk Business DivisionPDF[80.9KB]
Feb 25, 2016 'MOL Group Safety, Environmental and Social Report 2015' Earns Award of Merit at Environmental Communication Awards
Feb 24, 2016 MOL Receives Letter of Appreciation for Transporting Used Wheelchairs for Children in Philippines - Drawing upon its Global Network to Contribute to Society -
Feb 19, 2016 MOL Launches Trial Use of Big Data to Promote Growth of Maritime Cluster - Accumulating Onboard Data from Operated Vessels, Supporting Innovation throughout Maritime Industry -
Feb 05, 2016 MOL Enhances CSW Service between Asia and East Coast South America
Jan 28, 2016 MOL Car Carrier Rescues Castaway - A survivor rescued off Mexico in North Pacific Ocean -
Jan 21, 2016 MOL's Newbuilding Woodchip Carrier C.S. Bright Delivered
Jan 15, 2016 MOL Announces Launch of the New China/West Coast India Service (CIS) - Enhancing Coverage of Fast Growing Ports in India -
Jan 15, 2016 MOL Transports Fire Engines to Paraguay - Drawing upon its Global Network to Implement a Unique Social Contribution Program -
Jan 05, 2016 MOL Earns Highest Rating for SMBC Sustainability Assessment Loans
Jan 04, 2016 MOL CEO Ikeda's 2016 New Year Message - Innovation to Meet the Challenge of Change -

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