Press Release


Press Release


Dec 28, 2017 MOL Assisted to Realize the Best Wishes of 'Surf for Smile' Project - 121 Surfboards transported by MOL for free arrived in South Africa -
Dec 27, 2017 MOL News Highlights for 2017 - Vision for the MOL Group 10 Years from Now -
Dec 26, 2017 MOL Jointly Develops Voyage Information Display System Using AR Technology that Will Lead to Autonomous Ships in the Future - Supporting Ship Operation and Watch-keeping to Enhance Safety -
Dec 25, 2017 MOL LNG Carrier ESSHU MARU Saves Crewmember from Wrecked Fishing Boat - Survivor Rescued in North Pacific Ocean -
Dec 22, 2017 Ice-Breaking LNG Carrier for Yamal LNG Project Named Vladimir Rusanov - New Milestone with MOL's 1st Vessel for World's First Ice-Breaking LNG Carrier Project -
Dec 21, 2017 Creating the Technology that Will Lead to Autonomous Ships in the Future; Research Slated for Ferry in Service in Seto Inland Sea - MOL, Rolls-Royce to Jointly Research Intelligence Awareness System (IAS) -
Dec 20, 2017 Mitsui O.S.K. Passenger Line Wins 'Cruise of the Year 2017' Award of Excellence
Dec 12, 2017 Demonstration Test of Blockchain Technology in Cross-Border Trade Operations
Dec 11, 2017 MOL Honors Officers and Engineers at "MOL Presidential Awards 2017" - Award for Continuous Contributions to Safe Operation and Educating Young Seafarers -
Dec 06, 2017 MOL, Tohoku Electric Power, Namura Shipbuilding Jointly Earn AIP for Design of LNG-powered Coal Carrier - Starting Development of Next-generation Coal Carrier -
Dec 05, 2017 MOL Signs Bauxite Transport Deal with Alufer Mining Limited - Providing Ocean Shipping Service from Guinea -
Dec 04, 2017 MOL Starts Multi-dimensional Analysis of Causes for Incidents/Problems on its Operated Vessels - Aims to Enhance Operation Support Services in Quest for Greater Safety and Efficiency -
Dec 01, 2017 MOL Pledges Assistance in Ocean Transport of Mobile Library Vehicles to South Africa - Supporting Efforts to Bring School Libraries to More Students -
Dec 01, 2017 MOL Develops and Commercializes Total Residual Oxidants (TRO) Instrument - Responding to Ballast Water Treatment Treaty, Enhancing Initiatives to Protect the Environment -
Nov 30, 2017 MOL Succeeds in 'Visualization at Sea,' Marking a Step toward Remote Vessel Operation Technology - Sharing Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) Data with Onshore, Enhancing Safe Operation -
Nov 28, 2017 Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Marubeni and NOVATEK Sign a Memorandum of Understanding for an LNG Transshipment and Marketing Project in the Kamchatka Area
Nov 21, 2017 MOL and Joint PBCF Developers Attend 2017 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Award Ceremony - Recognizing MOL's 30 Years of Effort on Environmental Protection -
Nov 17, 2017 MOL's Newbuilding Coal Carrier NAGARA MARU to Serve JERA Trading
Nov 09, 2017 MOL Presents Long-Service Awards, Hosts Family Day for Filipino Seafarers - Appreciation for Contributions of Seafarers and Support by Their Families -
Nov 08, 2017 Using Artificial Intelligence to Estimate Vessel Speed and Fuel Consumption at Sea - Accurately Estimating Vessel Performance within 1.5%, Aiming to Reduce Environmental Impact -
Nov 08, 2017 MOL Joins Research Project on Use of Vibrating Sensors to Detect Abnormalities in Rotary Machineries - Enhancing Safe Operation Using New Ship IoT-based Technology to Monitor Marine Propulsion Plants -
Nov 07, 2017 MOL Methanol Carrier Rescues Castaway - One survivor rescued in Caribbean Sea -
Nov 02, 2017 MOL and China COSCO Shipping Jointly Own 4 LNG Carriers for Russia Yamal LNG Project
Nov 02, 2017 MOL Truth, Japan's 1st 20,000 TEU Containership, Delivered - Largest Built in Japan, to be Launched on Asia-North Europe Trade -
Oct 30, 2017 MOL Develops Mariner Safety Education Tool Using VR Goggles - Using Leading-edge Technology to Eliminate Industrial Accidents -
Oct 27, 2017 MOL Enhances Operation Data Collection and Monitoring Functions for Development of 'Next-generation Ship Management Support System'
Oct 18, 2017 MOL Tabletop Drill Focuses on Car Carrier Safety - Scenario Has Car Carrier Adrift with Fire in Engine Room, Breaching Hull on Reef -
Oct 16, 2017 Newbuilding LNG Carrier for Tokyo Gas Named 'Energy Liberty' - The Vessel Will Transport U.S. Shale Gas -
Oct 13, 2017 PBCF Receives 2017 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Award - PBCF Reduces 3-5% in Fuel Consumption; Underscores MOL Group's Commitment to Environmental Protection with Sales of Over 3,200 Units -
Sep 29, 2017 Naming Ceremony Held for World's Largest FSRU - 1st FSRU Independently Built, Owned and Operated by Japanese Shipping Company -
Sep 28, 2017 MOL LNG Carrier Rescues Castaways - 4 Survivors Rescued off Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea -
Sep 27, 2017 LNG Carrier CESI Tianjin Delivered for SINOPEC LNG Project - 4th in Series of 6 New LNG Carriers -
Sep 22, 2017 MOL Issues "Safety, Environmental and Social Report 2017"
Sep 13, 2017 MOL Employee Named MVP of Wheelchair Rugby International Championship
Sep 13, 2017 15 MOL-operated Vessels Earn Commendations from Regional Coast Guard Headquarters of JCG - Evaluated for Contribution to Continuous Offering of Ocean Information -
Sep 08, 2017 MOL Launches 2017 Session of 'One MOL Global Management College' - Aimed at Training Executives with a Global Perspective -
Sep 07, 2017 MOL-operated Car Carrier Serving Africa Makes First Call at Port of Kisarazu - Loads 800 Used Vehicles -
Sep 01, 2017 MOL to Participate in LNG Receiving Terminal Project in India - To Provide FSRU Operation/Maintenance, Supply of FSU and its Operation/Maintenance, and Terminal Operation -
Aug 28, 2017 MOL Joins Consortium on Use of Blockchain Technology for Trade-related Data - Proactively Participating as Total Logistics Company in Demonstration Test for Practical Application of Blockchain Technology -
Aug 24, 2017 MOL ENGINEERING Acquires Ship Class Certificate for Servicing and Maintenance of Lifeboats, Launching Equipment - Acknowledging High Quality of Services Based on Unified Requirements by IACS -
Aug 21, 2017 Decision by the KFTC, South Korea concerning the Violation of South Korean Antitrust Law
Aug 08, 2017 MOL Methanol Carrier Rescues Castaway - One survivor rescued off the Bay of Biscay in Atlantic Ocean -
Aug 04, 2017 Cargo Loaded for Okinawa Prefecture's '2017 International Logistics Business Model Creation Project' - Marking 1st Call at Port of Naha by MOL-operated Car Carrier -
Aug 03, 2017 MOL Issues Annual Report 2017
Jul 24, 2017 MOL Group Ship Management Company Acquires Latest International Certification for Environment and Energy Management Systems
Jul 20, 2017 Engine Control Console Installed on Bridge of Kinkasan Maru Certified as 1st 'Ship Heritage' - A Pioneer of Remote Operation and Automatic Control of the Main Engine -
Jul 19, 2017 MOL to Harness Big Data to Enhance Engine Plant Preventive Maintenance and Reduce Life Cycle Costs - 2 Newbuilding Vessels to be Equipped with Next-generation Engine Status Monitoring System with Upgraded Functions -
Jul 18, 2017 MOL and Consortium Partners to Join Okinawa Pref.'s Used Car Export Business Model Demonstration - MOL-operated Car Carrier Will Enter Port of Naha for 1st Time -
Jul 10, 2017 Notice of Establishment of Holding Company and Operating Company for New Integrated Container Shipping Business (2)PDF[6143.8KB]
Jul 10, 2017 Three MOL-owned Methanol Carriers Earn 'Technology Special Prize' in Ship of the Year 2016 Awards - The World's First Series of Methanol Carriers with Main Engine Using Methanol -
Jul 07, 2017 Notice of Establishment of Holding Company and Operating Company for New Integrated Container Shipping Business
Jul 03, 2017 Notice of Establishment Schedule for Container Shipping Business Integration
Jun 30, 2017 MOL to Launch 2017 Annual Vessel Safety Campaign - Forging ahead to become the world leader in safe operation -
Jun 29, 2017 MOL Signs Long-term Charter Contract of 4 LNG Carriers for Russia Yamal LNG Project
Jun 26, 2017 2 MOL-operated / managed Vessels Selected as 2016 'Best Quality Ships Award' - MOL Initiatives on Safe Operation Earn High Marks from Japan Federation of Pilots' Associations -
Jun 23, 2017 MOL-MES Joint Development "Next-generation Vessel Monitoring and Support System" - Forging ahead to become "The World Leader in Safe Operation" and provide an "environmental-friendly" service through Open Innovation -
Jun 19, 2017 MOL's Green Technologies on Exhibit at Japan-China Green Expo 2017 - Showcasing its Environmental Technologies in China -
Jun 13, 2017 MOL Transports Donated School Backpacks to Thailand - Drawing upon its Global Network to Contribute to Society -
Jun 12, 2017 Decision by FECC, Mexico due to the Violation of Mexican Antitrust Law
Jun 06, 2017 MOL to Participate in 'Surf for Smile' Project through International Contribution Program 'Sports for Tomorrow' - Transporting 100 donated surfboards to South Africa -
Jun 02, 2017 LNG Carrier CESI Beihai Delivered for SINOPEC LNG Project - 3rd in Series of 6 Newbuilding LNG Carriers to Serve Project -
Jun 01, 2017 MOL Signs Coal Transport Deal with Thermal Powertech Corporation India Limited - Contributing to a Stable Power Supply in India -
May 31, 2017 Notice of Trade Name and Location of New Container Shipping Joint VenturePDF[121.7KB]
May 30, 2017 MOL Confirms 2% in Average CO2 Reduction with Windshield Installed on Bow of Containership - Verifies Reduction of Wind Resistance on Vessel in Service -
May 26, 2017 MOL Launches R & D on Autonomous Ocean Transport System - Selected for Japanese Government Transportation Research Program -
May 24, 2017 Hazard Map to Supplement 'Capt.'s DOSCA' Optimum Ship Routing System - MOL Starts Initiative to Develop Enhanced Operational Support Tool, Aiming at a New Level of Safety -
May 23, 2017 MOL Sets Sights on Construction of LNG-fueled Tugboat - 1st LNG Fueled Tugboat in Osaka Bay, Promoting "ISHIN NEXT" -
May 19, 2017 MOL to Launch Sales of Redesigned, Refined PBCF - Meeting Higher Needs for Environmental Protection by Further Improving Energy-saving Performance -
May 15, 2017 Announcement of co-exhibiting "Viable Organism Analyzer" and "Ballast Water Sample Concentrator" at BARI-SHIP 2017 -Environmental Initiatives in Advance of International Regulations-
Apr 28, 2017 New Management Plan "Rolling Plan 2017"
Apr 12, 2017 The MOL Triumph, World's Largest Containership Makes a Successful Call in Shanghai, China - MOL brings its first 20,170 TEU containership into service -
Apr 12, 2017 MOL Receives Letter of Appreciation for Transporting Fire Engines to Paraguay - 10th time Transporting, Drawing upon its Global Network to Implement a Unique Social Contribution Program -
Apr 06, 2017 MOL Earns AIP for Design of LNG-powered, Ultra-large Containership - Preparing for Environment-friendly 20,000 TEU-class Newbuilding Vessel -
Apr 06, 2017 NOAA's Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Honors MOL with Award for Participation in the 2016 Vessel Speed Reduction Incentive Program
Apr 04, 2017 MOL Signs Official Sponsorship with Wheelchair Rugby Team - With Competitive Team BLITZ - One of the members is MOL Employee -
Apr 03, 2017 Participation in the MLIT R&D Support Projects - Proactive ICT Utilization for Safer Vessel Operation -
Apr 03, 2017 Message from the CEO on MOL Foundation Day - Reinventing the MOL Group for Today and the Next Decade -
Mar 30, 2017 Investment in PKT Logistics Group Sdn. Bhd., a leading logistics company in Malaysia
Mar 30, 2017 'MOL Safety Conference 2017' Programs Held - Four Conferences Aim to be The World Leadership in Safe Operation -
Mar 28, 2017 World's Largest Containership Delivered, MOL Triumph - MOL's first 20,170 TEU containership will commence its maiden voyage -
Mar 24, 2017 Study Project to Equip In-service Vessels with SOX Scrubber Systems Receives Class Notation of Classification Character - Proactive Move toward Reduced Exhaust Emissions -
Mar 22, 2017 MOL Announces Name Changes of Wholly Owned Subsidiary in Europe - Aiming to Enhance Ties within Group and Improve Customer Service by Promoting 'One MOL' Concept -
Mar 21, 2017 Graduation Ceremony Held for 6th Class in '3rd Year Program' for Filipino Seafarers - Anticipating Key Roles in Supporting MOL's Safe Operation -
Mar 13, 2017 MOL Project & Heavy Cargo MOL to Showcase at Breakbulk CHINA 2017 and Breakbulk EUROPE 2017
Mar 09, 2017 THE Alliance announces completed product and unveils unique contingency plan
Feb 28, 2017 Changes of Directors, Auditors and Executive OfficersPDF[68.2KB]
Feb 27, 2017 MOL Teams up with University of Tokyo Graduate School on its Project Based Learning - Implementing Industry-Academia Partnership Education Program Leveraging MOL's Expertise in Environmental Regulations -
Feb 24, 2017 MOL to Invest in Self-Elevating Platform Vessel Operator - Moving into Offshore Business Following FPSO, FSRU, Shuttle Tanker, and Subsea Support Vessel -
Feb 24, 2017 MOL to Restructure OrganizationPDF[82.0KB]
Feb 21, 2017 'MOL Group Safety, Environmental and Social Report 2016' Earns Award of Merit in Environmental Communication Awards
Feb 20, 2017 MOL Appoints Chief Country Representative in Turkey - Aiming to Enhance Ties within MOL Group -
Feb 09, 2017 MOL Transports Used Wheelchairs to Cambodia for Donation to Children - Drawing upon its Global Network to Contribute to Society -
Feb 06, 2017 "PBCF" Selected for Equipment Designated by Port of Vancouver's Environmental Program - Technology to Reduce Environmental Impact Highly Evaluated -
Jan 24, 2017 MOL Teams up with BHP Billiton/DNV GL/Rio Tinto/SDARI/Woodside on Joint Study of LNG-fueled Capesize Bulker - Initiative on Environmental Protection Ahead of International Rules -
Jan 11, 2017 MOL Enhances CX1 Service between Panama and Amazon
Jan 10, 2017 LNG Carrier CESI Qingdao Delivered for SINOPEC LNG Project - 2nd in series of 6 Newbuilding LNG Carriers to Serve Project -
Jan 04, 2017 MOL CEO Ikeda's 2017 New Year Message - Shaping a New Future -

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