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Liquified Gas Carrier Business

Aiming at Stable Transport of Emerging Clean Energy Resources

MOL's first ice-breaking LNG carrier, VLADIMIR RUSANOV

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Demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been increasing as an environmentally friendly, clean energy source. MOL has accumulated considerable expertise in this field since 1983, when we first participated in LNG transport, and is proud to be in the forefront of LNG carrier ownership, management, and operation. In 2018, we became the first Asian shipping company to operate an ice-breaking LNG carrier for the Yamal LNG project, and pioneered the Northern Sea Route, moving ahead with our cutting-edge initiatives.

MOL manages its LNG carriers through six companies around the globe, in Tokyo, London, Singapore, Jakarta, Muscat (Oman), and Arzew (Algeria), maintaining safe operation with advanced transport technologies and highly skilled personnel.

In 2016, building upon our extensive experience and know-how acquired in both the LNG carrier and LPG carrier fields, MOL began operating the world's first very large ethane carrier in a strategic tie-up with Reliance Industries Limited in India.

MOL continually strives to provide safe, reliable ocean transport services to meet demand for liquefied gas, a sector where we anticipate robust growth in the future.

MOL HESTIA, equipped with a dual-fuel, low-speed diesel engine
The world's first very large ethane carrier ETHANE CRYSTAL


1983 MOL enters the LNG ocean transport business.
1984 The Senshu Maru is launched.
1993 MOL signs a contract for the Qatar LNG project.
2001 MOL signs a contract with the government of Oman to help the nation develop its maritime industry.
2011 MOL signs a contract for Indonesia's first coastal LNG transport project.
2013 MOL joins LNG transport project for SINOPEC.
2014 MOL takes part in Russia Yamal LNG project, and signs contracts for construction of three new ice-breaking LNG carriers.
2015 The Papua, the first LNG carrier built in China for a non-Chinese shipping company, is delivered.
2017 The Vladimir Rusanov, the first newbuilding ice-breaking LNG carrier for the Russia Yamal LNG Project, is delivered.

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