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Associated Businesses


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Associated Businesses

Various Associated Businesses Build upon Our Strength in Ocean Shipping

Tugboat business (Cai Mep, Vietnam)

MOL has accumulated an immense storehouse of know-how centered on ocean shipping, drawing upon over 130 years of history and tradition.
Our expertise encompasses not only ocean shipping-related businesses such as tugboat operation, land transport, warehousing, and maritime consulting services, but also travel, office building leasing, property management, finance, trading, insurance, ICT systems, temporary staffing, supporting a national oil stockpiling project, sales of nautical charts, and more.
Our associated businesses are the fruits of the MOL spirit: "Creating business from business."

Safely Escorting Large Vessels, Ships Loaded with Hazardous Cargoes

The MOL Group's tugboat business supports vessels in arriving and leaving port, berthing and unberthing, avoiding hazards, and other operations.
In recent years, as LNG has gained wider adoption as a clean energy source, transport volume has shown a steady increase.
New LNG terminals have gone into service one after another, and increasing LNG vessel traffic underscores the need for enhance - ments in tugboat operation capacity, from the standpoints of both quality and quantity.
Through a group company, MOL is working to precisely address these needs, and help protect the environment by introducing a succession of advanced tugboats, starting with an LNG-fueled vessel (slated for launching in April 2019). At the same time, we are working to improve the maintenance of equipment and instruments and upgrade the skills of crewmembers with enhance safety training with the goal of efficient, accident-free operation.

Ocean Shipping Opens up a Wide Variety of Business Fields

Daibiru Honkan
Building lobby

Shin-Daibiru Building


Our real estate subsidiary Daibiru Corporation owns and leases 24 office and commercial buildings and hotels in urban subcenters of Tokyo and Osaka. We are constantly looking for ways to create a more comfortable business environment by meeting various tenant needs and proactively taking initiatives on extensive renovation of older buildings. Daibiru acquired its first overseas office building, Saigon Tower (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) in 2012, expanding the building management expertise it has accumulated in Japan.
MOL Tech Corporation sells bunker oil and lubricants, various equipment and instruments, materials, parts and components, and telecommunication equipment for vessels. We also focus on sales of environmental friendly products such as Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF), which improve propulsion efficiency of vessels' screws, ballast water treatment system, plastic garbage compactors, and products to support safe operation using ICT.

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