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A Proven Track Record in Contributing to a Stable Energy Supply

Very large crude carrier (VLCC) KAZUSA

Demand for energy has been expanding in step with worldwide economic growth. In recent years, energy resources and trade have diversified. And yet demand is increasing steadily for petroleum, which continues to fuel the world's energy market, as well as natural gas.
MOL develops its energy transport business on a worldwide scale, backed by the world's largest fleet, a track record of success, and decades of know-how. The company focuses on enhancing the quality of its fleet and providing the most up-to-date seafarer education and training in energy transport sectors including crude oil, which require advanced technological capabilities. We play an essential role in providing a stable supply of energy with a comprehensive safety system covers both hardware and software aspects.

The Liquefied Cargo Transport Expert

TARANAKI SUN, a methanol tanker that can use methanol as fuel

MOL's fleet includes very large crude oil carriers (VLCCs) of more than 200,000 DWT and smaller vessels called Aframax tankers, contributing to the safe delivery of crude oil all around the world. The fleet also has various types of vessels th at meet specific cargo characteristics-product tankers that transport refined petroleum products such as gas oils, naphtha, and gasoline, chemical tankers that transport liquid chemical products, and methanol carriers.
Methanol is drawing attention as an environmentally friendly fuel that can reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions. Ahead of other companies, MOL is constantly adapting cutting-edge technology such as dual-fuel engines capable of running on either
methanol or fuel oil.
To optimize customer service and provide safe and efficient tran sport, MOL integrates its high-level expertise in crude oil and petroleum transport with group ship management companies that specialize in tanker operation. In addition, we pro vide specialized seafarer education and training for tanker operation and cargo loading and discharging at our training centers, and have developed a practical training system in which apprentice crewmembers actually serve aboard a tanker.

Chemical carrier GINGA OCELOT

Product tanker GARNET EXPRESS

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