Human Capital Development

Human Capital development policy

The MOL Group's goal in human capital development is to "ensure both Group corporate growth and the development of individual employees." We strive to make the corporate lives of individual employees more challenging and rewarding, as they grow along with the group and make valuable contributions. Therefore, the Human Capital Management Division embodies "MOL CHARTS" in the global environment and develops diverse personnel who can produce results and value, and creates an organization that can bring innovative ideas forward and pursue challenging initiatives. In addition, the group positions diversity and inclusion as a new source of competitive advantage and provides opportunities for individual employees to envision their own careers. We also support each employee's efforts to enhance their skills in line with their own career paths and aspirations, regardless of their personal characteristics.

MOL's ideal employee profile

The ideal profile MOL seeks to develop is "independent-spirited personnel who create new values" and are committed to playing an active role in global markets and promoting the sustainable growth of the company.
"Independent-spirited personnel" means people who "always act with a sense of ownership" and find solutions even when facing difficult issues, and can put solutions into practice in cooperation with co-workers and other stakeholders. We develop personnel who also have management skills to lead the organization as they proceed along their career paths. In addition, we assume double-track of individual employees' career paths, supporting them as they build careers that make full use of their skills.

Targets/KPIs/Action Plans

The MOL group identifies five sustainability issues to be prioritized through its business, and in one of these issues, Human & Community, we have set goals, KPIs, and action plans for human capital development.

Sustainability Issues (Materiality)

HR development structure

Executive Officer in charge Hiromichi Takezaki(Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO))
Promotion division Human Capital Management Division
Personnel System

Career Path and OJT

Trainer system (targeting new graduates)

A senior employee serves as a trainer of a new employee for a year, starting with their entry to the company, helping them work.
The senior employee teaches the new employee about behavior as a working adult and actual job roles, in order to help the individual grow. By setting a phased target for a year and having regularly interviews, they also share their own current status and issues at every stage among related parties.

Mentor system (targeting mid-career recruitment)

MOL introduced the mentor system as an initiative to encourage active roles for diverse personnel. To provide support beyond mentees' job roles, employees are teamed with mentors from different teams of the company and practice one-on-one dialogue. Through periodic dialogue with mentors, mid-career employees gain opportunities to stand still periodically to look back on their progress, consult with mentors about problems, and get help in developing networks and personal connections.

Job rotation (targeting new employees)

New employees will experience at least three different job roles (*) in the first 10 years after joining the company, allowing themselves and others to recognize their individual aptitudes and leading to careers after that. This also helps them a broad range of experience and in turn develop wide viewpoints and multifaceted perspectives.

(*) We believe it is beneficial for employees in land-based jobs to spend 10 years experiencing work in both business divisions and corporate divisions. Seagoing employees board various types of ships and experience land-based jobs for two of the 10 years. We intend for employees at sea to utilize their understanding of land-based jobs and gain a comprehensive perspective informed by experience of both facets of MOL business operations.

Training system

We set training goals according to the stage of personnel training.
At every stage, we present training programs for selected employees with elective courses tailored to their individual characteristics, roles, and aspirations, as well as compulsory programs.

Training system

Personnel System/Evaluation System

To promote its sustainable growth, MOL strives to develop personnel who are "committed to acting with a sense of ownership and creating new values(*)," and can play active roles in today's global market.

(*) "Highly capable individuals who have a sense of ownership" are the personnel who can always find a solution, embody a sense of ownership even when facing a challenge, and follow through on problem solving, working in close cooperation with everyone involved.

We will benefit employees by enhancing personal development and job satisfaction, and society at large, by making the most of a personnel system that fosters individual career development. Specifically, we will implement a personnel system with the following two characteristics.

(1) Evaluation system (early development of leaders; fairness)

  • A variety of evaluations to open paths toward leadership regardless of age
  • Disseminate the personnel appraisal guidebook to make the rules transparent to employees
  • Enhance fairness by thorough communication with managers including feedback more than 4~5 times a year, to encourage individual employees to steadily achieve each goal and reward their success.

(2) Double-tracking career path

  • Those in non-managerial positions can choose either the managerial track or regionally limited track according to their goals and life stage.
  • Those in managerial positions can choose either a career track aiming at developing the next generation of leaders or specialists with the in-depth job knowledge and abilities required of professional in a specific field.
Set goals
Interview to set goals
Interim interview
  • Interim interview
  • Evaluation interview in the department before the transfer, interview to set goals in the department after the transfer (transferees from October to December)
Personnel evaluation
Evaluation interview
Alignment of annual evaluation and goals for next year based on feedback interview

* MOL has adopted a system that not only enhances fairness through thorough interviews between employees and evaluators, but also provides support and guidance in establishing mid-to-long-term career goals and career plans.

Performance data

Training programs for selected employees

We hold training programs for selected employees to foster broad, high-level perspectives and hone skills, in a conscious effort to realize our vision for developing next-generation managers and leaders.

One MOL Group Management College (MGMC)

MOL launched MGMC in FY2014 to improve diversity management skills in our cross-cultural working environment and cultivate the next-generation of "One MOL global executives," and made it an annual program. Every year, participants from all over the world are invited to Japan. They not only learn strategic thinking, organizational management, and leadership in today's global business environment, but also review their own careers from the standpoint of "MOL CHARTS." In addition, they form teams of several members each to research and deliberate group-wide issues and determine how to move forward. On the final day, they present their ideas to MOL top executives. In follow-up surveys and questionnaires, participants express high praise for the program and great satisfaction with the results.

No. of MGMC participants

FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2014 ~cumulative total
Alumni follow-up session was held online (43 employees) 14 8 127
Spirited debate among team members
Presentations on the final day

One MOL Management School

The school was opened in 2010 with the goal of cultivating next-generation management professionals who are sensitive to trends of global society and conscious of overall optimization from mid-to-long-term viewpoints, and was revamped in 2021.
In FY2022, trainees envisioned what they want to realize under the Corporate Mission and Vision as a person responsible for management of MOL and the MOL Group. On the final day of the six-month program, students made proposals to management about ways to enhance the allocation of management resources.
In fact, some of these proposals have been implemented and commercialized.

No. of management school participants

FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2014 ~cumulative total
Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic 9 9 117