Human Capital Vision

MOL established the "MOL Group Human Capital (HC) Vision," which states the group's basic approach to human capital policy in April 2023.

MOL Group Human Capital (HC) Vision [1.07MB]

Three Basic Principles

Based on the theme "All on Board, Success through Growth" in the HC Vision, MOL Group established three basic principles "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion," "Mutually Empowered" and "Highly Engaged," as the basic principles of the group's human resources policy in the future. Based on the three basic principles, we aim to generate a positive cycle and achieve the Corporate Management Plan.

HC Vision All on Board, Success through Growth

Each individual who works in the MOL Group is essential for our sea-based social infrastructure business.
Each individual will be given the opportunity to develop strengths and achieve their full potential to provide new value,
thereby transforming our future.
The MOL Group, backed by our continuously growing and improving Human Capital, is underway on the blue ocean;
sailing toward an exciting and bright horizon.

Basic Principle 1

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We thoroughly respect human rights and comply with all laws and regulations. We accept and welcome a diverse range of colleagues, and create opportunities that encourage each and everyone of our people to play an active role in their own way.

Basic Principle 2

Mutually Empowered

We nurture an environment in which each and every one of our people becomes a professional with a strong sense of ownership.
We collaborate with and mutually empower people inside and outside the company. We enhance the abilities of each and every one of our colleagues, transcending organizational and regional boundaries, while maximizing groupwide organizational capabilities.

Basic Principle 3

Highly Engaged

We continue to create a group in which each individual can perform their best, feeling proud, secure, healthy and energetic in belonging to the group.
We will create a basis for them to challenge themselves, thereby providing new value to the organization.

HC Action 1.0

The MOL Group has also outlined an action plan based on each principle as "HC Action 1.0" and set the following targets to be reached by the end of Phase 1 (FY2023-FY2025) of the management plan.

* Targets to achieve also linked to MOL Sustainability Plan

Through the realization of the HC Vision, the MOL Group will make great strides toward becoming a global social infrastructure company centered on the shipping industry.

Organizational Structure to Promote HC Action

In January 2023, we created the Human Capital Strategy Division as a dedicated unit to assist the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and to be responsible for formulating HC Action 1.0 and overseeing related implementation plans.
Coordinating with the Headquarters HR Division and other HR divisions across the MOL Group worldwide, the Human Capital Strategy Division has been tasked with strengthening governance systems from a Group-wide human capital perspective; improving our ability to deal with emerging issues such as our response to M&A; and supporting the functional reinforcement of divisions managing human capital.
In October 2023, we also established the HC Action Committee, which is modeled along