MOL CHARTS: Expressing the MOL Group's Shared Values

In April 2015, MOL introduced "MOL CHART" to convey the permanent, inherent sense of values shared by all MOL Group employees. "CHART" stands for five words that articulate these values. The word "chart" itself also calls to mind a sea chart, which we use to set our course for the future. The introduction of MOL CHART was aimed at achieving the company's long-term vision and enhancing its corporate value by strengthening and focusing its comprehensive group-wide efforts while encouraging MOL Group employees to keep the MOL CHART values foremost in mind in their everyday duties.

On April 1, 2021, MOL CHART was updated, adding an "S" for "Safety" to the original five values to create a new expression: MOL CHARTS. The idea behind this update was to make everyone at MOL and MOL Group companies gain a new and greater awareness of our commitment to "Pursue the world's highest level of safety culture." In addition, we expanded the target of "Reliability" from "customers" to "stakeholders" to incorporate SDGs/ESG viewpoints and our efforts to address social issues into the group values.

The MOL Group's adoption of MOL CHARTS reflects our comprehensive measures to ensure compliance, a thorough recognition of the need for safe operation, and our ongoing efforts to foster MOL Group employees that share and live our ideals of personal initiative, a sense of responsibility, and proficiency. At the same time, we strive to instill the values of MOL CHARTS among everyone at MOL Group companies in Japan and overseas, as well as seafarers serving aboard our vessels.

Challenge Innovate through insight
  • Proactively develop business opportunities by staying ahead of the curve.
  • Make innovation for the further growth of the company.
Honesty Do the right thing
  • Keep compliance as a Top Priority.
  • Ensure that actions comply with social norms and the highest ethical standards.
Accountability Commit to acting with a sense of ownership
  • Tackle tasks with a sense of ownership and in cooperation with stakeholders.
Reliability Gain the trust of stakeholders
  • See things from the customers' perspective, and deliver service that exceeds their expectations.
  • Seize the initiative in social issues and take responsibility for your behavior.
Teamwork Build a strong team
  • Encourage open communication with mutual respect.
  • Share knowledge, experience, expertise and skills, and foster the next generation.
Safety Pursue the world's highest level of safety culture
  • Maintain a safety-first attitude and strive to reinforce safety awareness
  • Return to basics by comprehending workplace safety.