Workstyle Reforms

MOL Group's Workstyle Reforms

Led by the "Workstyle Reforms Committee," which was established in September 2016 and operates under the leadership of the president and CEO, MOL has carried forward workstyle reforms aimed at fostering competitive personnel and realizing innovation with a corporate culture that enables MOL Group members to work with vigor and enthusiasm.
This is based on the concept to realize the 10-year vision - we need free ideas, unbound to conventional ways of thinking, and the corporate culture and organizational strength that will give form to those ideas, in addition to more efficient operations.
MOL seeks to improve productivity to free up the time to move forward with innovative operations cross conventional border lines, on the axis of four priority areas: "personnel system reforms," "corporate culture reforms," "workplace reforms," and "productivity reforms." At the same time, in consideration of employees' lifestyles and life stages, we create flexible workstyles, and carry forward efficient and well-organized ways of working, so that all employees can gain a sense of fulfilment from their jobs.

MOL Group's Workstyle Reforms

Details of Actions on Workstyle Reforms

[ Personnel System ]
  • Implement "Smart-biz" (*)
  • Introduce remote work system
  • Encourage male employees to take childcare leave
  • Implement breakfast campaign
  • Introduce new personnel system that enables early development of leaders and double-track career path
[ Corporate Culture ]
  • Implement various "HOT Dialogue" sessions, such as between the president & CEO and a division, and among GMs
  • Assist internal meetings across units
  • Hold "One MOL Seminar," which introduces group-wide best practices
  • Implement no overtime work days, when all employees leave work on time
[ Workplace ]
  • Placed lounges in spaces opened up by reducing/ reorganizing paper documents.
  • Introduced a free-address pilot office in May 2019, and assessed the effectiveness of the office.
[ Improvement of Productivity ]
  • Establish rules for internal meetings
  • Automate operations by introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Implement "Paper Off! Project" with the aim of achieving a drastic reduction in the volume of paper documents

(*) System by which employees themselves can decide their appropriate clothing when in office.

Workplace Reforms Project

In May 2019, MOL opened a pilot office, which introduced the free address system as a place to try various reform measures. In the design stage, we reorganized MOL's intended workstyles into three themes - "Trial & Error, Challenge with Collaboration," "Quick Communication, Quick Action," and "Maximize Performance," and created an office that can realize each theme. Various kinds of office furniture are arranged in an open layout, and there are cross-divisional communication spaces as well as concentration spaces. Using each space for its intended use on top of making the best use of online meetings and other information and communications technology (ICT) tools not only enhances employees' job satisfaction, but also improves their operations. MOL is planning to expand the pilot office on a company-wide basis, to fulfill our vision for enhanced workstyles.

To Spur Further Innovation

One of the aims of MOL's workstyle reforms is to realize innovation by making use of time freed up by various workstyle reform measures. As an example, we introduced the "MOL Group Employee Proposal System,", in 2019, which solicits new business ideas from employees. Employees who propose an idea that is accepted are allocated to another division for a year and work full-time on verifying the feasibility of the proposed business.