MOL Group DX Vision

Intelligence and technologies unlock
the potential of the sea.
Inspiring the diverse talents,
we co-create new values.
Expertise and borderless creativity
lead us
towards the future.

The blue ocean is new frontier.
Towards the blue ocean,
we will move ahead together
with digital technology.

Towards the Blue Ocean,
We Transform

Top Message

Set Sail for Transformation - Next Digital Voyage

Takeshi Hashimoto: President & CEO

In November 2023, our group integrated the Technology Innovation Unit and DX Co-creation Unit to establish the "Headquarters of Technological & Digital Transformation." Our commitment to "Innovation," one of our group's sustainability challenges (materiality), involves actively adopting advanced technologies. This initiative aims to bring innovation to our business, contributing to the resolution of various societal challenges related to "providing added value through safe transportation and social infrastructure business" and "conserving the marine and global environment."

We have consolidated the organizations responsible for this initiative under the newly formed organization. We will accelerate the pace of transformation by sharing the insights nurtured by each division and working towards the realization of the "DX Vision." Additionally, building on these foundations, we plan to update "DX Action 1.0" to "DX Action 1.1" in fiscal year 2024. Our Group is committed to enhancing corporate value through the realization of our group vision. From the blue oceans, we boldly confront various societal challenges, sustain people's lives worldwide, meet the expectations of our stakeholders, and open the door to a prosperous future.

History of DX Initiatives

Our group has embraced the advancement of technology, including digital and ICT, as an opportunity to contribute to the sustainability of society. To promptly address sustainability challenges such as "safety" and "environment," which are core values of our business, we established the Technology Innovation Unit in 2016. Engaging in the ISHIN Projects, we have been deepening the maritime business by leveraging advanced technologies.

In April 2022, recognizing the potential for digital transformation (DX) to shape the future of our business and contribute to the overarching sustainability goals, we established the "DX Co-Creation Unit." This unit leads the formulation and implementation of our DX strategy, envisioning a future that evolves in tandem with digital technologies, driving transformative changes across our current practices and culture.

Toward the Creation of New Value

In line with our management plan "BLUE ACTION 2035" starting from the fiscal year 2023, all members of the management team, including myself, have participated in formulating the "DX Vision" and its implementation strategy, "DX Action 1.0", which we announced in March 2023. We have set company-wide KPIs* linked to the purpose of DX and are promoting DX across the entire company to exceed these goals. More specifically, we're initially focusing on nurturing innovative talents. These individuals are spearheading efforts to leverage advanced digital technologies and tools to enhance productivity in traditional operations and optimize our organization. The time saved through these improvements is then redirected towards exploring new business opportunities and deepening our existing operations.

(*) The company-wide KPIs for DX are also disclosed in "BLUE ACTION 2035" and the "MOL Sustainability Plan".

Recent Progress and Achievements

In pursuit of the deepening of the maritime business, in January 2022, we deployed the "Navigational Risk Monitoring System" across our fleet of over 700 ships to further enhance safety. In October 2023, with the aim of a significant improvement in crew well-being, we decided to progressively introduce low-earth orbit satellite communication services to 233 vessels managed by our group's ship management company, with approximately 140 ships expected to be equipped by the end of the fiscal year 2023.

Toward "the creation of new value," the initial establishment of a data foundation has been completed, which could contribute to business decision-making, operational efficiency, improved customer service, and swift data collaboration with adjacent businesses. In terms of talent, we are actively working towards achieving the targeted number of innovative talents by the end of fiscal year 2035.

Thoughts behind
the DX Vision

As the result of discussion with the board members, mid-
level and young employees, we identified four key
perspectives of future challenges: "People," "Safety,"
"Society," and "New frontier".

We incorporate these perspectives into the
DX Vision that represents the Group's aspiration
for the future.

MOL Group

The Transformation to achieve is based on the three following concepts.

  • 1 Shift from allocating employees' working time for routine tasks, to allocating it to profits improvement, deepening relationships with customers, work for safety and creating new value
  • 2 Build up an integrated data infrastructure to allow real time business condition analysis
  • 3 Provide training program for all employees to nurture Change Leaders for the future business transformation

DX Roadmap

With the MOL Group DX Vision and the results of previous digitalization efforts, MOL Group aims to achieve thorough digitalization and industry-leading operational excellence by 2025.

Areas of
and Ideal State by

DX Action 1.0 will focus on changes in two areas: "Business Transformation" and "Culture Transformation". The 3-year Action Plan will promote initiatives in eight areas listed below., 2.Business process, 3.Business Management, 4.Onboard routine tasks, 5.Shore - Vessel Communication, 6.Global Human Capital Management, 7.Crew's QOL、8.Nurturing new values in, 2.Business process, 3.Business Management, 4.Onboard routine tasks, 5.Shore - Vessel Communication, 6.Global Human Capital Management, 7.Crew's QOL、8.Nurturing new values in employees