Cultivating a Safety Culture

Safety Conferences

As a part of our measures to ensure safe operation, we hold MOL Safety Conferences in five seafarer supply nations-Japan, the Philippines, Croatia, India, and Russia every year. In recent years, we have taken an online approach to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, introducing our initiatives on safety and exchange opinions with seafarers serving aboard our operated vessels, based on reviews of onboard accidents and incidents. These exchanges of information and opinions reflect our commitment to fostering a company-wide safety culture.

Number of Safety Conference participants

Safety Campaign

We conduct our yearly Safety Campaign with the aim of promoting a greater awareness of safety and cultivating a stronger safety culture among all employees on land and sea. In recent years, as with the Safety Conference, we have been conducting online events in response to the coronavirus outbreak and have fostered a safety culture. With the aim of becoming the world leader in safe operation, we focus on eradicating every single incident and work-related accident onboard. Under the slogan "Stop and Think More," we encourage all seafarers to stop when they feel anxious or think something is wrong, imagine the hazards of the work process, and then identify the correct and safe path forward. Proposals and ideas gained through this campaign will be shared throughout the MOL Group, including MOL Group-operated and owned vessels, to further enhance the group's safety culture. The Safety Campaign is also an opportunity for land-based staff members to think about the importance of safe operation by understanding the concept of "Stop and Think More," which also applies to everyday activities, while building their own safety consciousness.

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Operational Safety Workshops

As a part of our activities to foster a strong safety culture, these periodic workshops are held for land-based executives and employees. They are designed to further increase individual employees' safety awareness, and recognize that everyone, not just those at sea, has a role to play in safe operation.

Number of Operational Safety Workshops participants

E-learning of Safety Culture

As part of our efforts to foster a culture of safety, we conduct e-learning on safety culture for executives and employees of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines and Group companies. We provide opportunities for all employees, including those at Group companies, to learn lessons learned from past serious accidents and how to promote a safety culture, in an effort to raise employee safety awareness.

Number of particiants of E-learning of Safety Culture

Dispatching ingormation to internal audiences -SOSC CHANNEL-

At the end of March 2021, the Safety Operation Support Center (SOSC) launched SOSC CHANNEL on its internal portal site to provide information on risks associated with safe navigation, including weather and sea conditions On this channel, the officer on duty explains about typhoons and pirates, and the SOSC actually gives advice to avoid risks in a 5-minute video that can be accessed and viewed by anyone in the company. The site has been accessed more than 10,000 times (as of April 2022), and many employees have been able to improve their understanding of SOSC and share their knowledge of safe operation.

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Beach Cleanup at Kashima-nada Beach

Since the grounding of the MOL-operated Giant Step in 2006, MOL Group executives and employees meet every year at Kashima-nada Beach for a cleanup project. This effort is meant to ensure that this tragic incident-and the lessons learned-do not fade from memory, while sharing our safety consciousness, raising awareness of marine and global environmental protection, and contributing to the sustainable growth of the community.

Following the grounding in Mauritius

In response to the grounding accident in Mauritius in July 2020, we have continuously taken the preventive measures that we have formulated, and through activities such as the Safety Conference and the Safety Campaign, we are working as a united team to foster a safety culture throughout our group.