Fundamental Policy of Safe Operation

Pursuing the world's highest level of safety culture

The MOL group has established the following principles in "S: Safety" in "MOL CHARTS," which is the permanent, inherent sense of values shared by all MOL Group employees, and is working to achieve the highest level of safety in the world.

Pursue the world's highest level of safety culture
  • Maintain a safety-first attitude and strive to reinforce safety awareness
  • Return to basics by comprehending workplace safety.

As one of our specific initiatives, we aim to eliminate accidents on board by spreading the slogan "STOP AND THINK MORE (*)" and putting it into practice.

(*) "STOP AND THINK MORE"… Pause and think to take the right action when each crew member has concerns or doubts.

Targets and Objective Indicators for Safe Operation

The MOL Group sets "Safety & Value: Provide added value through safe transportation and our social infrastructure business" as one of the group's Sustainability Issues (materiality) and established targets, KPIs, and action plans related to safety and quality.

We use the "4 ZEROS" (zero serious marine incidents, zero oil pollution, zero fatal accidents, and zero serious cargo damage) and Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) to evaluate our level of safety in an objective and quantitative manner. The data covers about 800 MOL Group-operated vessels including MOL-managed and chartered vessels (and offshore projects).
We review the standards and scope of application as appropriate.


Number of 4zeros accidents FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Number of accidents 1 1(*1) 3(*2) 1
Breakdown Number of serious marine incidents 0 1 1 0
Number of ocean oil pollution 0 1 1 0
Number of fatal accidents 1 0 2 1
Number of serious cargo damage 0 0 1 0
  • (*1) One accident occurred in FY2020, which was a serious marine accident and an ocean oil pollution.
  • (*2) Three accidents occurred in FY2021, one of which was a serious marine accident, an ocean oil pollution, and a serious cargo damage.

SPI (Safety Performance Indicator)

Targets and Achievements FY2022 FY2025 FY2030 FY2035
Target Achievement Result Target
LTIF(Lost Time Injury Frequency)(*1) Less than 0.50 0.19 Achieved Less than 0.50 Less than 0.40 Less than 0.30
Average downtime(*2) Less than 24.00 12.50 Achieved Less than 24.00 Less than 22.00 Less than 20.00
Downtime frequency rate(*3) Less than 1.00 0.32 Achieved Less than 1.00 Less than 0.80 Less than 0.60
  • (*1) Number of lost time injuries occurring in a workplace per 1 million hours worked (MOL uses “on board time” as denominator). These figures include occupational injuries and illnesses that did not result in disembarkation but did not result in a return to work, including light work, on the day of the accident.
    The indicator also covers seafarers outside of the MOL Group. The data includes MOL and its major domestic and overseas consolidated subsidiaries with the coverage ratio of 75% to consolidated revenue.
  • (*2) Annual incident-related stoppage hours per vessel.
  • (*3) Annual number of incidents per vessel resulting in vessel stoppage.