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MOL Announces Japan - USWC & Canada Service Changes

March 05, 2010

Tokyo, 5 March 2010 - MOL (President: Akimitsu Ashida) today announced service changes in its Japan - USWC & Canada service with joint operation by MOL a member of The New World Alliance (APL, Hyundai Merchant Marine, MOL), and "K"LINE, a member of CKYH Alliance (COSCON, "K"LINE, Yang Ming, Hanjin Shipping).

Starting on April 7, "JAS" service will be a shuttle service between Japan and Los Angeles/Oakland with five (5) ships. It will provide faster transit times from Los Angeles/Oakland to Japan, while shifting calls at Tacoma and Vancouver to a newly starting "PN1" service.

The "PN1" (Pacific Northwest 1) service will directly connect China, Taiwan and Japan to ports in the Pacific Northwest with six (6) ships. This includes a new direct link between Xiamen, Nagoya and the Pacific Northwest for MOL.

Commencement voyage:

  • JAS: From "VENICE BRIDGE", departing Kobe on April 7, 2010
  • PN1: From "BREMEN BRIDGE", departing Xiamen on April 8, 2010

Port rotation:

JAS (MOL operates 3 ships / "K"LINE operates 2 ships)
Kobe (Tue/Wed) - Nagoya (Thu/Thu) - Shimizu (Fri/Fri) - Tokyo (Sat/Sat) - Los Angeles (Tue/Sun) - Oakland (Tue/Wed) - Tokyo (Mon/Mon) - Kobe (Tue)

PN1 (MOL operates 1 ship / "K"LINE operates 5 ships)
Xiamen (Thu/Thu) - Hong Kong (Fri/Fri) - Yantian (Sat/Sat) - Shanghai (Mon/Tue) - Nagoya (Thu/Thu) - Tokyo (Fri/Fri) - Tacoma (Sun/Wed) - Vancouver(Wed/ Thu) - Tokyo (Mon/Tue) - Nagoya (Wed/Thu) - Kobe (Fri/Fri) - Kaohsiung (Mon/Mon) - Xiamen (Thu)

This change is subject to regulatory fillings and approvals as necessary.