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MOL Group Launches 1st Global HR Consulting Project
- Training Filipino Plumbers for Osaka Gas Subcontractor -

May 13, 2021

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Takeshi Hashimoto) today announced the start of the first global human resources consulting project by MM Empower Corp., jointly established by MOL and the Magsaysay Group (Note 1).

MM Empower is helping establish a system which enables a subcontractor of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. to accept Filipino plumbers from the Philippines for long-term assignments in Japan. Specifically, the company makes proposals for resident status, introduces the local staffing agency and its training facilities, provides ongoing information and support for the Filipino workers, and supports cross-border communication among all businesses, agencies, and personnel involved.

MM Empower held several discussions with concerned parties amid the global COVID-19 pandemic situation, recruiting personnel online at the beginning of this year, and having started Japanese-language education and training for 19 of the first prospective employees while observing all safety protocols.

With the aim of offering clients and partners with stress-free services and exceptional customer experience, the MOL Group is positioning to become one of the most trusted talent solutions partners of Japanese firms providing end-to-end support (from determining global human resources needs, customizing and operating local education, allocating personnel, and providing aftercare support) through MM Empower. Fully leveraging on MOL group's networks in the Philippines with the Group's vast experience and knowledge accumulated through decades of seafarer development and training, the organization will connect workers and companies beyond national borders to contribute to the sustainable growth and development of both countries and the international community.

The photo was taken during the orientation of mind-setting before the trainees start Japanese language training of four months

[Outline of the project]
Host company: Subcontractor of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
Occupation: Plumbers for the construction industry
Nationality: Filipinos (Philippines)
No. of personnel: 19 (1st class year)
Work location: Japan (Kansai region)

(Note 1) Please refer to October 9, 2020 press release:
MOL Establishes Human Resources Consulting Company MM Empower Corp. - Joint Operations in Global HR Consulting with Long-term Partner -