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MOL Hosts Online Family Day for Filipino Seafarers
- Overcoming Difficulties Together -

November 19, 2021

This year's theme of Family Day is "Together above and beyond"

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Takeshi Hashimoto) today announced that its group seafarer manning company, Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc.(Note 1) (MMM: Headquarters - Manila, the Philippines; President: Rene G. Juntado), held an online Family Day event for their Filipino seafarers and their families on November 6.

The Family Day is held every year as a way to express the company's appreciation to seafarers' families for their everyday cooperation and understanding as they wait for their loved ones to return from long assignments at sea.
The online event featured videos of singing and dancing by MMM land-based employees, a display of photos from vessels, and video messages from families. Overall, it was an enormous success.

In a video message, MOL President & CEO Hashimoto stressed the importance of families' support and expressed his deep appreciation to seafarers and their families for their great contribution during the globally raging COVID-19 pandemic. Executive Officer Mitsuhisa Tanimoto, who also serves as Director General of the Safety Operations Headquarters, conveyed his thanks to MOL's partner in the Philippines, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, for its efforts to provide seafarers with COVID-19 vaccines, and urged the entire audience to work together to overcome the difficulties brought about by COVID-19 under the slogan "One MOL."

Many of MMM's Filipino seafarers and their families viewed this event-it was viewed more than 16,000 times on the day of the event and over the next two days, and MMM received many positive comments from viewers. In particular, viewers appreciated the effort by MMM and MOL to present this kind of event during these challenging times.
The MOL Group regularly conducts such events, not only in the Philippines, but also in other home countries of its seafarers. It continually strives to develop a rewarding workplace environment, while expressing its appreciation for the great contribution of MOL Group seafarers working away from their families.

MOL President & CEO Hashimoto shows his appreciation for the hard work of MMM's Filipino seafarers and their families.
Video message to seafarers at sea from their families at home

(Note 1)
Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc. is an MOL seafarer manning company in Manila. It was jointly established in March 1997 by MOL and its partner in the Philippines, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation.