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'One MOL Safety Campaign' for 2022 Being Held
- Pursuing the World's Highest Level of Safety Culture -

October 21, 2022

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Takeshi Hashimoto; Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) today announced that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the "One MOL Safety Campaign" for 2022 is being held online (with in-person visits to vessels if possible) from July to December 2022.

The "One MOL Safety Campaign 2022" is an annual event in which crewmembers serving aboard MOL Group-operated vessels and shore-based employees exchange opinions on safety-related initiatives with the aim of fostering a strong safety culture. This year again, many MOL Group executives and employees are taking part in the campaign, holding lively exchanges of opinions with crewmembers about ways to ensure safe operation.

The theme for this year's campaign is "Be Professional! ~ You Are the Key Person~" for crewmembers who do their best on the front lines of safe operation despite various restrictions in today's ever-changing global environment.
This is a renewal of the group's determination to embody its shared values, "MOL CHARTS," with everyone in the group "being aware of our professionalism," based on the lessons learned from the past incidents.
MOL is also focusing on "STOP AND THINK MORE" (Note 1), an ongoing effort since fiscal 2017 to eradicate onboard incidents, to continue spreading the message and promoting its practice.

MOL Group continues its efforts to pursue the world's highest level of safety culture.

One MOL Safety Campaign during July-September Online Intensive Period
No. of events held No. of target vessels Cumulative no. of participants at sea, on shore
13 73 About 2,100
(incl. 635 shore-based employees)

(Note1) "STOP AND THINK MORE"… Pause and think to take the right action when any crew member has concerns or doubts.

[MOL Group 5 Sustainability Issues]
MOL Group will contribute to realizing a sustainable society by promoting responses to sustainability issues, which are identified as social issues that must be addressed as priorities through its business.
We anticipate this initiative to contribute especially to the realization of "Safety & Value -Provide added value through safe transportation and our social infrastructure business-".