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MOL President & CEO Hashimoto Addresses Company’s Entrance Ceremony
- 'Take on a global and multifaceted challenge!' -

April 06, 2023

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Takeshi Hashimoto) today announced that on April 1, it welcomed 90 new employees (new graduates at sea: 14; new graduates on land: 44; career recruits at sea: 1; career recruits on land: 31). President & CEO Hashimoto delivered the following message at the entrance ceremony on April 3.

President & CEO Hashimoto delivers his message to new employees
MOL company entrance ceremony

I am very happy to welcome you all here today.
What is the background behind welcoming so many new employees? In accordance with the recently announced corporate management plan "BLUE ACTION 2035," MOL Group has launched a far-reaching growth plan.
While Japan's economic position is declining relative to the rest of the world, the Asian region, especially Southeast Asia and India, is maintaining high growth rates, and following these countries, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin American countries also have room for growth and development. Traditional Japan-centered shipping is also our core business, but logistics business-capturing the new flow of products from these growth regions by encompassing bases around the world-now accounts for a higher proportion.
MOL Group has long been engaged in the traditional shipping business, but the shipping industry is strongly influenced by markets and has a history of repeated boom-bust cycles. To fulfill our responsibilities to various stakeholders, we are working to diversify our business to ensure stable growth through solid and sustainable business.
We intend to be a company that can achieve stable growth regardless of the economic cycles of the shipping business, by enhancing, for example, businesses such as LNG carriers, which is expected to generate long-term stable profits, offshore business, real property and logistics, and, with a different business cycle from the shipping industry, cruise ships, ferries, and so on.
We will continue to make bold financial investments to drive our future growth, but the most important element is people. The more difficult a business is, the stronger strength we need as an organization to achieve it. And the core of it all is the people, so I hope that you will develop your potential to the fullest within the MOL Group organization and contribute to the growth of the company as an individual and as part of the team. Then, I strongly hope that we will create a virtuous circle- enriching the lives of our employees and increasing the value of the company by contributing to society through your efforts.