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MOL Starts Commercial Operation of FSRU for Indonesia's Jawa 1 LNG-fired Power Plant
- Asia's 1st Gas-to-Power Project Using an FSRU -

April 05, 2024

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Takeshi Hashimoto) today announced the March 29 launch of commercial operation by the floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) Jawa Satu (Note 1) for the Jawa 1 LNG-fired power plant in Indonesia. MOL owns the FSRU through PT Jawa Satu Regas (JSR), jointly established by PT Pertamina (Persero) (President Director & CEO: Nicke Widyawati, Head Office: Jakarta, Indonesia), Marubeni Corporation (President and CEO: Masumi Kakinoki, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), Sojitz Corporation (President & COO: Kosuke Uemura, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), and other partners.

FSRU Jawa Satu arriving in Indonesia
FSRU Jawa Satu (above) and LNG carrier (below) for ship-to-ship LNG transport

The MOL-operated Jawa Satu will receive LNG for power generation from LNG carriers via the ship-to-ship transfer operation, store it, regasify it, and supply it to PT Jawa Satu Power, jointly established by Pertamina, Marubeni and Sojitz, which operates a large-scale LNG-fired power plant in West Java, Indonesia, with a generating capacity of 1,760 MW. This is the first "gas-to-power" project in Asia, where power generation facilities and gas-related facilities using FSRU are being developed as an integral element of the power generation process. Electricity generated by the plant will be supplied to PT. PLN (Persero) (PLN), Indonesia’s state-owned electricity company, for 25 years. Through this project, MOL will play a key role in ensuring a stable supply of electricity for Indonesia.

Leveraging its experience and expertise as the only company in Asia that owns and operates an FSRU, MOL plans a proactive approach to participating in and contributing to various value chains in the clean energy industry from upstream to downstream, not limited to transport services.

The MOL Group Vision is to develop a variety of social infrastructure businesses in addition to traditional shipping businesses and will meet the evolving social needs including environmental conservation, with innovative technology and services. This initiative is in line with the growth of offshore and non-shipping businesses set forth in the "BLUE ACTION 2035" management plan and the strategy of "Expanding low-carbon/decarbonized business by leveraging the group's collective strengths" in the "MOL Group Environmental Vision 2.2," in addition to the MOL Group Vision. With these contributions to the sustainable development of society and the preservation of nature, from the blue oceans, the group sustains people's lives and ensures a prosperous future.

(Note 1) FSRU stands for floating storage and regasification unit. FSRUs have the capability to receive and store LNG at about -160oC at sea, heat and regasify it according to customer needs, and deliver high-pressure gas to an onshore pipeline. They can be installed at a relatively low cost and in a short period, compared to an onshore LNG receiving terminal.
For more information on this FSRU project, please refer to the December 7, 2018, press release:
MOL to Participate in Construction, Ownership, Operation of FSRU for Jawa 1 Gas-Fired IPP Project in Indonesia - Leveraging Know-how in Asia's 1st Gas-to-Power Project using FSRU -

[Outline of Jawa 1 LNG-fired Power Plant]

Operating company PT Jawa Satu Power
Ownership Pertamina 40%, Marubeni 40%, Sojitz 20%.
Location Cilamaya, West Java, Indonesia (about 100 km east of Jakarta)
Power generation capacity 1,760MW
Power purchaser PLN
Start of operation March 29, 2024
Electricity sales period 25 years

[Outline of FSRU Jawa Satu]

Operating company PT Jawa Satu Regas
Ownership Pertamina 26%, Marubeni 20%, MOL 19%, Sojitz 10%, others 25%
Location Off the coast of Cilamaya, West Java
Storage capacity 170,000 m3
LOA 292.5 m
Breadth 43.4 m
Regasification capacity 300 MMcsfd
Shipyard Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (South Korea)

MOL Group 5 Sustainability Issues
MOL Group identifies "Sustainability Issues" (Materiality) as our key issues for sustainable growth with society through realization of the Group Vision.
We anticipate this initiative to contribute especially to the realization of "Safety & Value -Provide added value through safe transportation and our social infrastructure business-", "Environment -Conservation for Marine and global environment-" and "Innovation -Innovation for development in marine technology-."